Are you utilizing all of the space your garage has to offer? Whether or not you park your car in your garage, if you have space for a garage workbench, you should have one. Garages are great areas to do all sorts of projects – from woodworking to metalworking.

It doesn't matter if you're male or female, your garage workbench can offer you a nice secluded area to get the job done.

People have set up candle making shops, woodworking shops, and more in their own garages. You can start a business there or work on the projects you need for remodeling your home – that's up to you.

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1. Clamp – [amazon link=”B019VOT6JG” title=”Vise Jaws”/]

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  • 6" REVERSIBLE VISE JAWS will protect and hold any product on your VISE - 100% money back warranty.

  • UNIQUE DESIGN in the market place means BOTH FACES of each JAW can be used for FLAT or ROUND product

  • COMMON USES Barrels, Automotive, Golf work, Engineering, Carpentry, Jewellery, Toolmaker
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    2. Bench Dog – [amazon link=”B006Q8TN4O” title=”Kreg Tool”/]

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  • From the manufacturer: These simple 3/4" reinforced nylon bench dogs include several features to help make your next...

  • Included with each Bench Dog is a solid rubber Bench Brake
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    Planing Stop

    is a secured piece of metal with teeth (at least two) that works kind of like a vise, in that it helps keep the things you're working on where you want them to be on your workbench. It's like a doorstop for your bench, in a way.

    4. Rubber Mat – [amazon link=”B000EGRBXY” title=”Busted Knuckle Garage“/]

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  • A non-slip project mat that protects and keeps your work area clean

  • Chemical resistant and holds liquid spills up to 32 ounces

  • Has a notched lip for easy pour-off
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    Board Jack

    The board jack is similar to the bench dog – it helps keep stuff in place on your workbench, but in a different way. Instead of being attached to the top of your “table,” the board jack goes down the leg of the table. In this way, it helps support longer boards you're working with.

    6. Tool Kit – [amazon link=”B000UHMITE” title=”Stanley 94-248“/]

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    What to Do with Your Garage Workbench

    home garage

    Aside from being an ideal workspace for any project, your garage workbench will offer you many things – including a reason to keep your garage neat and organized.

    Now, if you do plan to do a lot of work on that workbench, and you have a lot of tools, supplies and other stuff – make sure your workbench is big enough.

    There are some essential tools you'll want if you're going to be working in the garage, and some of them can take up space on that workbench.

    You also want everything you can to keep things organized – so make sure you have the right amount (and type) of shelving. Did you know metal shelving can attract moisture?

    Before you even start buying your must-have workbench items, you need to make sure you have the following things if you want to get the most out of your new garage workshop –

    The Right Workbench

    Again, the right size of workbench is extremely important. Think of it as an office desk – since you'll possibly need lighting on it, as well as holders for various small gadgets like pencils and rulers. You want it to have drawers as well because the more spaces you have to keep and organize stuff the better.

    Consider what material you want your workbench made out of. While metal can attract moisture and start to rust, you want something sturdy if you'll be using saws and other cutting tools on it – a wooden bench may end up damaged.

    The Right Shelving and Storage

    This is a workbench, so the intention is to work on it – which means you need a workspace. If you have places to put stuff, so it doesn't have to hang out on the bench, you'll have more space to get the job done. There are lots of things you can do to make space.

    Bring in an old dresser – you can organize many of the items you use inside the drawers. Get some peg board, to hang on the walls around your workbench – offering you a place to hang tools, so they're out of the way, but still easy to get at. And, of course, have a shelf or two for storing larger items, like your jigsaw and your saws-all.

    Work Area Seating

    Your workbench isn't a desk, so a regular old desk chair isn't going to work. If you need some downtime during your projects, or just want to sit some while you work, a stool of the proper height for your workbench would be a good investment. Get something with nice cushioning, so it's comfortable to sit on.

    If you have a desk in your garage work area as well (this can come in handy), then you'll also want a comfortable desk chair. Your work desk is a great place to keep your coffee while you're working, and it doubles as a lunch table when you're deep into a project.

    Your Garage Workbench Must-Haves

    You have a garage, so now is the perfect time to get serious about your garage workbench.

    Don't let this useful garage space go to waste when it offers so much potential for getting projects done, creating new projects, and overall creativity.

    Here are ten things you need for your workbench – from items that will keep your bench from looking cluttered to the actual tools you're going to want to use.

    1. Clamp – [amazon link=”B019VOT6JG” title=”Vise Jaws”/]

    [amazon box=”B019VOT6JG”]

    It doesn't matter what kind of work you're planning on doing on your bench, at some point you're going to need to clamp something down and keep it in place. Clamps let you do that – whether it's wood, plastic, or metal that you need to keep sturdy while you're cutting or drilling, the right clamp will do the job for you.

    It's helpful to have a variety of sizes and styles of clamps on hand. This way you have one that works when you need it. You can also find them listed as vice grips (just a sturdier product for more substantial jobs).





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    2. Bench Dogs – [amazon link=”B006Q8TN4O” title=”Kreg Tool Company KKS1070 Kreg Bench Dogs“/]

    [amazon box=”B006Q8TN4O”]

    A bench dog can be holes or pages in your bench that allow you a place to connect your vice or clamps so that you can easily hold your wood (or whatever you're working on) in place. This makes it so that you don't always have to have the clamps around the sides of your workbench. These pegs can also hold your hand and power tools in place while you're using them – keeping them from shifting and sliding around the top of your workbench.

    You can find metal work benches that already come with bench dogs built it. Doing a DIY job on your workbench, to incorporate a bench dog, is easier to do when you're working on a wood bench.





    [amazon fields=”B006Q8TN4O” value=”button”]

    3. Planing Stop

    Planing Stop

    A ‘bench stop,' or planing stop is a secured piece of metal with teeth (at least two) that works kind of like a vise, in that it helps keep the things you're working on where you want them to be on your workbench. It's like a doorstop for your bench, in a way. While many people skip this gadget, it still serves a purpose if you're going to be doing actual work on your workbench.





    4. Rubber Mat – [amazon link=”B000EGRBXY” title=”Busted Knuckle Garage BKG-80 Work Bench Mat“/]

    [amazon box=”B000EGRBXY”]

    There are actually two types of rubber mats you're going to want in your workspace. The first is the type that sits on your workbench and helps keep the stuff you're working on from sliding around – great for things you don't want to put in a vise. The second is one to stand on – because standing on a hard surface for a prolonged experience can hurt from your feet up to your neck.

    The bench mat, if you purchase the right one, can double as a holder for loose screws and other items as well.





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    5. Board Jack

    board jack

    The board jack is similar to the bench dog – it helps keep stuff in place on your workbench, but in a different way. Instead of being attached to the top of your “table,” the board jack goes down the leg of the table. In this way, it helps support longer boards you're working with.





    6. Tool Kit – [amazon link=”B000UHMITE” title=”STANLEY 94-248 65 Piece Homeowner’s DIY Tool Kit“/]

    [amazon box=”B000UHMITE”]

    No work can be done on a workbench without some tools. You're going to want to invest in a good tool set – and depending on how much work you're doing, you may want to invest in a great toolkit. You might also want a metal tool chest on wheels if you have a lot of tools.

    Here are some of the basics all garage workbenches should have when it comes to tools:

    • Hammer
    • Mallet
    • Various sizes of screwdrivers
    • An electric drill with everything
    • Tape measure
    • Pliers (get a few different styles, including needle nose)
    • Staple gun
    • Pencil
    • Wrenches
    • Utility knife
    • Duct tape
    • Safety glasses

    There are many other tools and items you can add to your toolkit, depending on what kind of work you're doing. This is a good place to start. You should also invest in a wide variety of nails and screws, as well as things like washers.





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    7. Larger Equipment – [amazon link=”B0032YZB2S” title=”Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence“/]

    [amazon box=”B0032YZB2S”]

    If you're doing woodworking, metalworking, and other big projects in your garage workroom, you'll need the machines to help you do the job right.

    If you're really serious, you may invest in a lathe (which is going to take up some space) and a 3D printer (they are a must for designers these days). Aside from those, here are some other machines to consider:

    • Bandsaw
    • Scroll saw
    • Other types of saws
    • Air compressor
    • Sander
    • Sand paper
    • Miter saw
    • CNC router
    • Table saw
    • Wood grinder

    This stuff might not spend all of its time on your workbench, or it might be to big too ever be used there, but they are still integral parts of the workbench environment.





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    8. A Level – [amazon link=”B00PQ4PJYC” title=”Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level laser measure Line“/]

    [amazon box=”B00PQ4PJYC”]

    If you're building things on your garage workbench, you need to make sure that what you're creating is level. Even the project of a simple coffee table can be a disaster if things aren't level. While this device is part of your toolkit, it deserves its own number on the list because of its importance.

    You can get an old-school level that has the liquid to let you know what is level. Consider investing in a laser leveler – It may be more expensive, but it could prove to be more accurate.





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    9. Shop-Vac – [amazon link=”B075MY3QMX” title=”Shop-Vac 5989400 8 gallon“/]

    [amazon box=”B075MY3QMX”]

    Your garage and your work area are going to get messy while you're out there sawing wood and hammering things. There will be dust and sawdust all over the place. Since you don't want to track this, or metal shavings, into your car or home, get a shop vac to use to suck up any of the messes you make powerfully.





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    10. A Place for Waste – [amazon link=”B07HKVQ5WC” title=”Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Rollout Waste“/]

    [amazon box=”B07HKVQ5WC”]

    Make sure that you have a place for waste as well. Keep “normal” garbage separate from anything that can be recycled. If you work with a lot of wood, consider keeping a burn pile for the leftovers that don't have enough left to them for you to use for another project.

    Recycling is important. It keeps waste out of the landfills, keeps it from destroying nature and wildlife, and keeps that waste from contaminating the soil and the air.

    Don't be part of the problem – recycle and reuse, or donate (or at least burn), anything that is leftover from your projects.





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    What's Your Garage Workbench to You?

    Whether your workspace in your garage is a place to get away from the kids for a little while and have fun with a woodworking hobby, or it's a place to make garden art created from metal to sell at craft shows and flea markets – you want your garage workbench area to be a respite where you can get into the zone.

    These ten general items will give you want you need to get started.

    You'll just need to add the supplies for whatever your project is. If your first project will be to build that workbench yourself, you'll need most of these things anyway – plus, lots of wood and some good online instructions. You can find videos on YouTube that walk you through the process.

    You don't have to DIY your bench if you don't want to – just head out to Lowes, Menards, or Home Depot (or your local hardware store) and get a bench so you can get right to creating amazing things.

    There's nothing wrong with investing in a premade bench.

    Garages Aren't Just for Cars

    You can stop living under the notion that your garage is just a place for vehicles and lawnmowers. It's also far more than just a storage area (and that stuff you're storing on there is probably home to many mice families by now).

    Make your garage, and your new garage workbench, work for you and create a workspace that breeds creativity and entrepreneurship – you never know where it will take you.