Funerals are an emotionally hard time for those people who have been close to the deceased and who have shared memories worth a lifetime. Hence, speaking about that person standing in front of other people who also loved the departed soul and is grieving his loss is a difficult thing to do. Thinking straight whilst undergoing the traumatic loss is challenging indeed. It is hard to express your feelings into words and pen them down for a funeral reading. During such times, reading suitable funeral quotes in a funeral reading is a very good option. Funeral quotes help you say a lot in a few words and express your feelings better.

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There are different categories of funeral quotes which can be used in funeral readings. You can use any of the different categories of quotes to convey expressions of sympathy, grief, remembrance and love. The quotes are from biblical verses as well as they have a deeper impact on the minds of the people. Funeral quotes are often from those people who have been intellectually recognized for their expression of different human behavior and their reactions to situations of grief and loss. These quotes help make the grieved feel warm, sympathized and comforted.

These funeral quotes are often from distinguished personalities with deep spiritual insights like William Shakespeare, Khalil Gibran, Lord Alfred Tennyson, and William Wordsworth. The quotes could be about sharing grief. Sorrow does lighten its burden when shared. Quotes about love, life and death can also be used as funeral quotes. Many quotes reflect that death is not the final curtain but the start of a new chapter in the lives of the bereaved and also for the one who has departed. There are other funeral quotes of remembrance which speak of the love the departed person had which is always going to stay on with you at all times. Their presence is always going to be felt in the lives of people left behind.

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There are a lot of funeral quotes for mother as there is no other person as important as a mother. Most of them say of the mother keeping a watchful eye on their children from the sky as they become stars after dying. It is said so to provide solace to the children and try to come to terms with the tragic loss. Funeral quotes for father are also given a lot of thought as children look up to fathers as symbols of strength. As a famous person remarked, a father is as good as a hundred schoolmasters.

Poems are also apt to be read at funeral readings. There are funeral poems for mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends and spouses. Funeral poems and quotes are very helpful to express feelings of sorrow, sympathy, and comfort at a time when you find it hard to say things about a dear person who is no more.