If you’ve discovered that your motorcycle or car is refusing to start, or is intermittently losing power on the move, chances are you are facing fuel pump problems. In almost all modern motor vehicles, the fuel from the fuel tank is delivered to the engine, through a fuel filter, by a fuel pump. If there are any fuel pump problems, it means the engine is not getting the right amount of fuel, or is not getting fuel at the pressure it is required to be at. Let’s outline some fuel pump failure remedies now.

Source Of Fuel Pump Failure

The fuel supply system is comprised of various components – the fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and heat resistant fuel rails that ultimately connect the system to the engine. What this means is that the source of the problem, which is inadequate fuel supply, can mean that something is wrong with any one, or more of these components. So, if you do face symptoms of fuel pump failure like start up issues, or inconsistent power delivery, it isn’t right to single out the fuel pump as the cause. If the fuel pressure is inadequate, it will also lead to similar symptoms, which would also require more or less the same fuel pump failure remedies.

quick Fuel pump failure remedies

Tests For Fuel Pump Failure Remedies

The best test for immediate fuel pump failure remedies is to have the vehicle inspected for pressure loss by technicians with a fuel pressure gauge at your local garage. The fuel pressure depends on the vehicle, and is not a universal constant. If it is a case of fuel pressure loss, it does not necessarily mean that you have fuel pump problems. Of course, there are various situations to be considered as well. It is possible that the engine is getting adequate fuel pressure for starting up and to idle, but it may not be adequate, for instance, to start off up-slope, or if you have a full quota of people seated, or cargo, or other form of added weight that puts more load on the engine.

The engine needs more torque, and will need to rev higher to generate it, and this is where the fuel supply will be inadequate. Here, too, the case may not be with the fuel pump or the fuel pressure regulator, but it could be due to clogged fuel lines or fuel filter as well. These can be avoided altogether by adopting some preventive means as your fuel pump failure remedies.

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Prevention Of Fuel Pump Failure

Inadequate fuel supply could be due to various factors, or failure of one, or more than one component in the fuel supply system, and not fuel pump problems altogether. To prevent this in the first place, it is important to note that fuel quality is to be given priority. Fill up only a certain brand of fuel, and do so at specific gas stations if possible as this ensures consistency in quality. The quality of fuel that goes into the fuel tank, and any additives used, determine how often you would need to have the fuel filter cleaned or even replaced; and check the fuel lines for possible clogging, due to accumulation of dirt that may cause blockage. These will lead to a short supply of fuel, sometimes at inconsistent pressure, which will lead to engine misfire, and may even stall the vehicle if the problem is severe, leaving you stranded.

The fuel pump is an integral part of the vehicle’s functioning and all steps should be taken to ensure its proper running. It is not inexpensive, and its replacement should not be undertaken as a precautionary measure unless the problem and the attendant fuel pump failure remedies have been systematically identified.