There are basically two types of washing machines; the front load washing machine and the top load washing machine. The front loading washer is better than the top loader washer, this can be attributed to reasons such as efficiency, energy consumption, water usage and other reason that are highlighted in most front load washer reviews. The only downside of the front loader washing is the price tag, it is more expensive than the top load washing machines. The basic washing principle of a front load washer is rotation and gravitation, each clothes are moved up and down continuously, mixing with soap to wash off dirt.

To buy a new front loader washing machine, you need to review it before purchasing it. Don’t make the mistake of buying your front load washer base on its looks, make sure you are comfortable with features. There are lots of front load washer reviews on the internet, you need to read a few of these to help you make your decision. This is probably the best front load washer reviews you will ever read, because most front load washer reviews focus on brands and models of front load washers, but this review will focus on the features of a front load washer.

best front load washer reviews

Features of a Front Load Washing Machine

1. Efficiency and performance: Front load washers are very efficient washing machines. Front load washer uses lesser amount of water and is gentle on clothes.

2. Capacity: best front load washer and dryer reviews always lay more emphasis on the value of a high capacity washer. The reason is they can wash more clothes at a go.

3. Energy efficiency: The more power a washer consumes the more the cost of operating it. If a washer can conserve energy consumption it will translate into savings on energy bills. So, look out for front load washer reviews and ratings before your next purchase.

best front load washer and dryer reviews for 2013

4. Automatic Dispensers: These allow laundry products such as detergent, fabric softener and bleach to be manually added to the washer.

5. Automatic temperature regulator: regulates temperature of the washing solution inside

6. Time Delay: This feature allows you to load the washer and start operation later.

7. Stackablility: This feature allow user to place dryer or other object on top of the front load washer, this help save space.

However, there are some issues that most front load washer reviews leave out. The most important of these issues is the problem of mold and mildew in a front load washer. This problem can be attributed to the dirt and moisture that gathered in the door seal after laundry. To avert this problem the machine must be completely drained after each use.