13 Easy At-Home Cocktail Recipes

13 Easy At-Home Cocktail Recipes

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It’s fair to say that most people associate summer with fresh, cool cocktails, right?

I mean… what’s better than a cocktail on a patio?

Well, picture this:

You’re at home, fixing up your backyard for your first summer party. There’s a cool breeze in the air and the sun is booming down on your freshly cut grass. The table is set and the flowers are blooming.

What’s missing?

A home bar!

Everyone loves homemade drinks. It really spruces up a party and gives the atmosphere a bit of class and unique flare. However, once you have some of these cocktail recipes practiced and almost perfected, making the cocktails yourself can be a lot of fun as well.

Not only that, but it can be a lot cheaper than by heading to a restaurant or patio or purchasing pre-made cocktails at the store.

Which is why we’ve put together the best and easiest 13 summer cocktail recipes for you to start experimenting with. In this list you’ll find everything, from classics to new and unique cocktail recipes.

No matter what your party list is like, there’s a beverage on this list for everyone!

Best 13 At-Home Cocktail Recipes

If you’ve never been a bartender before, don’t worry. You don’t need expert experience for these cocktails.

All you need are the right ingredients and proper direction. We got you covered for the last bit.

Not only are these cocktail recipes easy, but they’re delicious and super refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

1. Negroni

This classic cocktail is common for being the basis for creative variants due to its perfect equal parts of bitter, sweet, and boozy. It’s classy, delicious, and easy to make for your friends and family.


  • 1 oz. gin
  • 1 oz. Campari
  • 1 oz. sweet vermouth

Add ingredients, stir with ice for about 30 seconds. Strain into short glasses and garnish with a fresh orange peel.

2. Grapefruit Ranch Water

This summer cocktail has a wonderful tangy flavor with a spicy and sweet taste due to its jalapeno infused tequila.

Perfect for summer nights!


  • 1/3 c. fresh pink grapefruit juice
  • 1 1/2 oz. Spiced Tequila
  • 3 tbsp. simple syrup
  • Sparkling Water
  • Pink grapefruit wedges, jalapeno slices and cilantro for garnish

Rim a 12 oz. glass with salt. Fill the glass with ice and top it up with the grapefruit juice, tequila, and simple syrup. Stir and add garnishes for a little extra something.

3. Manhattan

Another classic, the Manhattan has been around for years and its exact origin is still under debate – although it’s safe to say it was first poured somewhere in Manhattan around the 1870s.

While this drink has experienced a few changes in its recipe over the years, it never veers far from the classic due to its absolute perfection.


  • 2 oz. whiskey or rye whiskey
  • 2 drops of Angostura bitters
  • 1 oz. sweet vermouth

Stir all the ingredients with a handful of cracked (not crushed) ice and strain into a chilled glass. For garnish, you can use a brandied cherry or an orange twist.

4. Mint Julep

This is a Southern drink and is perfect for summer due to its refreshing capabilities. While it looks like a fancy drink, don’t be fooled. It’s super easy to throw together just in time for a backyard bash with buds.


  • 2 oz. bourbon
  • 1/2 oz. simple syrup
  • mint leaves
  • crushed Ice

First, crush up the mint leaves to extract their oils, and rub them inside of your glass. Add the bourbon, simple syrup and crushed ice. Stir and garnish with more ice or mint.

5. Dark n’ Stormy

While this is a classic winter drink, the island life feel you get from drinking one of these makes it perfect year-round.

Apparently, this drink was made by Royal Navy Officers who lived on Bermuda who loved mixing rum with ginger beer as it helped with seasickness (and was delicious.)


  • 2 parts ginger beer
  • 1 part dark rum

Fill your glass with ice, then add the rum and top it off with ginger beer. Use a lime wedge for garnish.

6. Ginger-Peach Soda

Similar to the Dark n’ Stormy, this ginger and rum drink has a bit of a summery twist with its splash of peach. Perfect for summer nights, watching the sunset.


  • 2 very ripe peaches
  • 1 c. sugar
  • 2-liter carbonated water
  • 2 tbsp. minced fresh ginger
  • 16 fresh mint leaves
  • 8 shots of rum

In a saucepan, bring 1 cup of water, ginger, and sugar to a simmer, dissolving the sugar until it becomes a syrup.

Pour syrup into a medium bowl through a sieve. Cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate until chilled.

Put peach slices in tall glasses and release the peaches juice with a spoon.

Pour two tablespoons of syrup over the peaches, add carbonated water and rum, stir and garnish with mint leaves.

7. Sidecar

This popular cocktail uses uniquely French ingredients such as Cointreau and Cognac. It looks fancy, tastes great and is easy to make!


  • 3/4 oz. Cointreau
  • 2 oz. Cognac
  • 3/4 oz. fresh-squeezed lemon juice

Rim a short glass with sugar and add all of the ingredients into a shaker with ice until the concoction is entirely chilled.

Strain the mixture into the rimmed glasses and finish with a fresh orange peel on top.

8. Sweet Tea Sangria

This is the drink for the days when you can’t decide between a sangria and sweet tea on a summer day.

Loaded with fruits and chilled to perfection, this is a perfect drink to have by your side while reading your book or sunbathing in the backyard.


  • 1 bottle white wine
  • 6 c. sweet tea
  • sliced peaches
  • 1 pt. Berries
  • + other fruit of your choice
  • Fresh mint

Put the sweet tea and full bottle of white wine in a pitcher then add the fruit and let it chill for a few hours. An overnight chill will make this cocktail even tastier! Garnish with mint.

9. Gimlet

Another classic, Gimlet has made it to our list due to its extremely easy recipe directions. Apparently, this drink was given to sailors in the Royal Navy to help them battle scurvy (gin and lime).

However, you don’t need scurvy to appreciate this drink today. It’s refreshing and super delicious.


  • ⅔ oz lime juice
  • 2 oz gin (or vodka)

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker with cracked ice and strain into a chilled glass of your liking.

10. Champagne Cocktail

This sparkling wine cocktail is the classiest of them all, so get your flute glasses ready.

It’s another classic that dates back to 1862, known as “Chorus Girl’s Milk.”

While we just call it Champagne Cocktail now, there’s no doubt it’s still wildly popular among cocktail lovers.


  • ⅓ oz. Cognac
  • 3 oz. Champagne
  • 2 drops Angostura bitters
  • 1 sugar cube

Add a sugar cube and two dashes or drops of Angostura bitter into a flute glass.

Next, add cognac and slowly pour the cold champagne. Garnish with a lemon twist.

11. Pina Colada

Pina Coladas are the epitome of vacation – it’s like having a tropical paradise in your mouth, something that needs to be experienced to be understood. Here’s your chance.


  • 50ml white rum
  • 25ml coconut cream
  • 25ml single cream
  • 200ml pineapple juice

Mix the ingredients in a shaker or blend them up in a blender for extra frothiness.

12. Mojito

Mojitos are super popular right now and for good reason. They’re perfectly sweet, tangy and boozy with a load of mint that can help headaches or stomach aches!


  • 1 lime
  • tablespoon of sugar
  • 50ml golden rum
  • 5 fresh mint leaves
  • soda water
  • raspberries

Put the lime and mint leaves into a glass, add sugar and mash them together roughly with a suitable utensil. Add rum and soda water and then stir. Garnish with mint, lime and raspberries!

13. Singapore Sling

While our cocktail recipe list has mostly consisted of refreshing summer drinks, this one is for all of you who have a sweet tooth.

While it does require a lot of ingredients, the procedure is quite simple and the result is worth it


  • 25ml cherry brandy
  • 25ml gin
  • 10ml benedictine
  • 50ml pineapple juice
  • 10ml grenadine
  • 10ml cointreau
  • soda water

Add everything except for the soda water to a shaker and pour the concoction over ice in a chilled glass. Top it off with your soda water.

Your Best 13 At-Home Cocktail Recipes Overview

There you have it – all the easy, at-home cocktail recipes you need to bring your backyard parties into full-gear this summer.

All you need beforehand is your party list to see who’s coming, and guess what sort of drinks they may like, the basic ingredients for each cocktail recipe, a shaker, some fancy glasses, garnishing, and a lot of ice.

Why a lot?

Because your entire party will keep coming back to you for refills. Guaranteed!

Featured image credit: Attribution 2.0 Generic, Personal Creations via https://www.flickr.com.

Health Benefits Of Coffee

Many people can’t even think of starting their morning without a hot mug of coffee. Coffee gives many the kick-start they require each day to make it refreshing. Of course excessive coffee is bad for health as some people say but a mug a day will do no harm. In fact, it has been proven time and again over the years that there are many benefits of coffee that can actually improve your health in many ways. Here are some of the health benefits of coffee thanks to which it has become almost a wonder drug.

The Great Benefits of Coffee

Interesting Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

  • Reverses aging: Coffee has a high concentration of antioxidants and that implies that free radicals are expelled from our body by coffee. This means that all the substances that actually pollute your body are removed and fresh cells are generated thereby keeping your body clean.
  • Fighting cancer: Two cups of coffee a day has been proven to reduce risks of colon cancer by a good 25%.
  • Fighting depression: Depression is a commonly used term and many people also take it lightly. However, there is more to depression that just sadness. Depression is actually a fatal condition that can wreck your life. Stress can literally take over your existence and that is why it must be avoided at all costs. Coffee has been proven to fight stress and a recent study has shown that kids who consumed coffee had lower risks of suffering from depression later on in their lives.
  • Improvement in digestion:  Some people have digestion problems. A mug of coffee can treat this problem. The reason behind this is that coffee is a diuretic. It helps your body get rid of the wastes and also drains the undesired moisture away. That is why, next time your tummy hurts drink a cup of coffee.
  • Decreases risks of Parkinson’s disease: Parkinson’s disease is a condition that affects older people. Coffee has been proven to help decrease the likelihood of this disease considerably.
  • Reducing tooth decay: Coffee contains tannins which prevent tooth decay.
  • Increase pain killer effectiveness: Coffee not only energises you but also increases the effectiveness of some of the medicines you take such as those for headaches and flu.
  • Lowering risks of gall stones: Gall bladder disease can be a big problem and coffee reduces incidence of that in both males and females.


Know The Healthy Benefits of Coffee

There are numerous benefits of coffee which makes it generally good to drink coffee as long as you don’t drink too much. During summer you could go for yummy iced coffee professional made with a Keurig iced coffee maker to beat the heat and to be benefitted at the same time.

Making Homemade Iced Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s favorite beverage but come summer and many people refrain because of the heat. However there is iced coffee to make and enjoy as the temperature soars. It is delicious, cool and thoroughly refreshing and on the best side, it is easy to make. Summers are no fun but the idea of iced coffee is indeed cheering. You can make it in a few minutes and enjoy a tasty homemade iced coffeeevery day. Here are some tips to making a refreshing and delicious mug of homemade iced coffee.

Perfect Homemade Iced Coffee For You

Helpful Tips and Ideas

  • The simplest way of making homemade iced coffeeis to brew your coffee and pour it into a container full of ice. This is fast, easy and fine but there are many more methods that will give you an amazing mug of homemade iced coffee.
  • It making iced coffee, the brewed coffee must be very strong. This will help because when you pour the coffee in the ice, its strength gets diluted. Making strong coffee in the beginning itself is thus a great idea. You can add double the usual amounts of grounds and the yummy taste will remain intact.
  • Making coffee ice cubes also an amazing idea. Whenever there is a little coffee left, freeze it into ice cubes and these cubes will come very handy later on. They are ideal, refreshing and cool.
  • Another tip to keep in mind while making iced coffee is to let the coffee cool down before adding ice cubes. Don’t add them while the coffee is hot unless you are in a hurry. Letting the coffee cool down for a couple of hours. The sugar should be added while your coffee is hot though.
  • Instead of sugar, you can use or try various flavors to come up with yummy flavored iced coffee. Irish cream, coconut rum, crème de menthe and butterscotch schnapps are some of the most favored flavors.

Making The Best Homemade Iced CoffeeThese are the simplest ways and tips of making coffee. However, the market today has different coffee machines to sell to you so that you make coffee as tasty as that sold in popular coffee cafes at home. These machines are widespread and easily available today. They brew delicious coffee that is really hard to beat. However, it is important to have a high quality machine such as the Keurig iced coffee maker if you want to enjoy the best mug of coffee ever. They may be a little expensive but when you drink iced coffee that comes out of these machines, you will realize that it is indeed a worthy investment.

Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

Coffee is really an amazing and delicious drink. Amazing in a sense that it heightens your energy and even keeps you awake on a hard night’s work. It is made available in a wide range of varieties with mixes of other flavors. Coffee with ice cream is also a brilliant idea. It incorporates the flavor of coffee on a comfort food such as ice cream. So even when it is scorching hot during the summer, you can still have a refreshing coffee ice cream as an alternative to the hot coffee drink. Coffee ice cream is the popular thing these days. One can make homemade coffee ice cream easily. Here is a recipe on how to make coffee ice cream.

Guide On How To Make A Delicious Homemade Coffee Ice Cream


  • 2 cups of heavy cream
  • 1 cup of whole milk

  • ¾ cup of sugar
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 2 teaspoons of instant espresso
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon of ground fresh coffee


Finding The Best Coffee Ice Cream Recipe Online


  • Take a medium sized bowl and whisk the egg yolks and half of the sugar finely.
  • Take a bottomed saucepan and heat it. Keep the flame in simmer and add the other half of sugar and combine it with milk and cream on the pan.
  • Whisk the instant coffee till it gets dissolved.
  • Take a cup of hot milk or cream mixture and whisk it in the bowl along with the eggs.
  • Whisk the egg and milk mixture into the pot along with the cream and cook it with low heat until the mixture gets thickened. Make sure that is does not get boiled.
  • After 5 minutes, when the mixtures get thick, remove the mixture from the heat.
  • Place the bowl in another bowl that contains ice water. This will help in stopping the custard process quickly.
  • Whisk the vanilla once the mixture gets cool. Keep the mixture in the fridge until it gets cold.

With the help of this coffee ice cream recipe, making a coffee ice cream is very easy. You can also make a Keurig iced coffee easily. If you are really interested in making your own recipe, check on Food and Lifestyles section of the Internet and get some ideas on how to make your very own perfect ice cream at home. Browse through the web and you will find other recipes provided on sites which tackle about food. You can then compile everything you have learned and make it into one delicious and mouth-watering coffee ice cream by incorporating the ideas of each recipe.

Keurig Iced Coffee: Cold and Delicious Brewed Coffee Alternative

The Keurig iced coffee is a great drink that you can sip any day or season. A steaming hot coffee brew is traditionally the choice of many but when the hot days of summer roll in, a hot cup may not always be ideal. If you enjoy a cup of coffee, do not allow the heat of summer to deny you of your preferred beverage when you can easily switch to ice cold coffee.

Chill Out With Keurig Iced Coffee

During the warmest season of the year, a cold coffee beverage would bring a refreshing change from the usual. Although you may easily find such a cold brew from many coffee shops and cafes, there are people who wish they could also enjoy it at home. Good thing there is a Keurig iced coffee maker.

To create a perfect Keurig iced coffee at the touch of a button, there is the K Cup portion pack, which was patented and designed specifically for direct ice brewing on the single cup Keurig brewer. By utilizing modern technology, each K Cup can be packed with the perfect amount of coffee for a refreshing brew.

The Benefits of Having Keurig Iced Coffee Maker

How to Make Iced Coffee with Keurig

Here are some suggestions for making Keurig coffee maker iced coffee using the simple steps below:

  • Get Ice – although it may sound obvious, you really need to have some ice to make Keurig iced coffee. If you do not think ahead and make some ice cubes, you will not be able to have a cup of iced coffee anytime you want one. Although plain ice cubes will do, it would be preferable to freeze your favorite Keurig coffee concoction in your ice tray. When you combined the ice cubes with freshly brewed coffee, the ice will not water your drink down
  • Brew your Coffee – the next thing to do is to brew your favorite coffee blend. Although you can use instant coffee or regular drip coffee maker, the single cup Keurig coffee maker would be preferable. Pop one of the K Cup portion pack into the coffee maker, press the button and you can have a cup of delicious brew in less than one minute. This will allow you to make different flavors and multiple cups very quickly


Guide On How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig

  • Mix It Up – once your freshly brewed coffee has been poured over the ice coffee cubes, you may drink the brew straight or splash some of your favorite liquor into it first. The ideal flavors would be Irish cream, crème de menthe, butterscotch schnapps and coconut rum. If you like a different flavor but is not in the mood for alcohol, you can try some Italian style syrups or a few drops of vanilla
  • Do Something Different – if you like your Keurig iced coffee to be more slushy, just take a cup of frozen ice cubes, throw them into the blender and give them several pulses. Do not overdo it though if you do not want to have a cup of soup. Pour into a mug and serve with spoon or straw.


Must Have Keurig Coffee Maker Iced Coffee

Now, even the hot weather cannot stop you from taking your favorite dose of caffeine with the help of the Keurig Iced Coffee Maker. Visit Keurig today and see their massive selection of iced coffee flavors. You might also be interested in Keurig’s other beverage products such as cocoa and tea drinks which also have hot and iced variations. Also check out, the goodness of making a homemade coffee ice cream online.

Slushy Recipes for Parties

Getting ready for a family party affair is fun, time consuming and exciting with colorful decorations. Planning the menu might be the most important aspect to make the party successful since people would enjoy the event with good food. To complement great food, one of the popular party drinks is a slushy drink.

summer fruits of fresh peaches drinks

To make slushy recipes for parties, a slushy drink is a combination of blended fruit, soda, juice, soft drinks and crushed ice.

Recipes to Make a Slushy Drink

A slushy can be made using the products on hand, fruits available during peak seasons, and the decision of the age group of the party seekers can play a huge role in choosing the flavors. There are many slushy recipes for parties when it comes to choosing a flavor.

  • Summer fruits of peaches, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apricots, are only a few fruits to be used, and this is enough to make the final choice difficult.
  • Flavors of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, orange, lemon, butterscotch, and banana add to making the decisions more difficult. Combining flavors with fruits can make for variety and flavors to make that special drink for those special party goers.
  • Flavored soda also makes for a ready to serve drink
  • Powdered juice flavors also provide a variety to choose from.
  • Soft drink slushy, root beer, grape, lime, lemon, orange, cherry, and grape add to the number of choices to make.

Many slushy recipes for parties are listed in many online food websites in the internet. Basically, you can add as many combinations of fruit, drink and crushed ice as you want to as long as it tastes great. Others would also combine a little alcoholic drink such as gin, tequila or vodka to spice up the drink. But be careful with kids around for they may also drink in the same slushy machine with the alcoholic drink prepared.

bourbon slush favorite lemon lime soda

The Slushie Machine

You can make your own slushy recipes through your blender machine or you can make an impressive display of slushy drink using a slushie machine.

Machines for slushy recipes are becoming more and more popular especially in fast food chains and restaurants. They usually serve seasonal fruits such as pumpkin, as well as watermelon, honeydew melons, and cantaloupe full of zest with explosive flavors using unusual combinations. The machine for slushy drinks are found at many stores, including Wal Mart, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, to name only a few that seem to be available to most. Online shopping is another way of purchasing that special machine for the party. It is a great way to attract guests to have a glass of slushy drink and enjoy them during the event.