Different people have different types of hair. Some are contented with theirs, and some due to fashion reasons are not. This is how and why flat irons were invented. Though they do not permanently straighten your hair, they can give you the best and instant straightening for your hair when going for a date, wedding, party and even a cocktail event. All this is due to the fact that when your hair is ironed, it is a lot easier to play around with and style it according to your desired coif.

andis nano silver tourmaline flat iron

The idea of flat iron was introduced in 1872 by a lady called Erica Feldman. She begun by using heated iron rods to straighten hair. Although she was not the creator of flat irons, she was the first to begin using something similar to it. Flat irons were, thereafter invented by Lady Jennifer Bell Shofield in the year 1912. This device consisted of two plates that were hinged together.

Though not safe, they were more durable compared to the ones used today. However, flat irons were not commercialized until the year 1990 when they became available in salons, and most customers had to pay a handful of money to get their hair ironed. People with curly and wavy hair were the most common patrons of this hair device.

Types of Flat Irons

Today, they have been modified into different types that come at different costs. Below are types of flat irons:

  • There is the basic type of flat iron. This type comes with metal plates and usually has no settings. Although, there are rare ones that come with settings but they are quite limited. Due to this reason it is easy to burn hairs since they cannot be controlled.
  • Tourmaline type of flat iron is one of best flat irons. Their versatility is impeccable in that you can style your hair in various styles without any worries of outcome.
  • The ionic flat iron is result oriented. This type of flat iron locks in your hair moisture and gives it a shiny look.
  • The most popular type of flat irons for hair is the ceramic type. This flat iron burns less and ensures that there is stability in heat distribution.

super hair straightener flat iron

Professional flat irons are used for commercial purposes. They have various settings thus considered safe to use. However, they are expensive. Another type of a flat iron is the wand curling iron. Advantage of using a wand is that it preserves your hair.

Flat irons are handy especially for those women with curly hair. They are easy to use and readily available and affordable.