Having a fire extinguisher can literally be a life saver. Sadly, many people feel they just need to purchase one and that’s all they have to do. That’s not the case because a fire extinguisher is just like everything else, which needs regular care and maintenance. A fire extinguisher servicing needs to be done regularly to ensure its working properly. Fire safety servicing is as important as it would be devastating to have a need for it and it will not work properly. For residential use, it is important to set a regular service for fire extinguishers often, like on a monthly basis is recommended.

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Fire extinguisher servicing is more regulated when they are located in a commercial or business location. Every place is different, but in the USA, all fire extinguishers that are located in any building other than a home have a strict and regimented fire extinguisher servicing schedule. At least on an annual basis, the servicing fire extinguishers are to be done by a Fire Protection service company. Some areas even require it to be done more often. Once the fire extinguisher servicing is done they will place a tag on the extinguisher to state what type of service has been done. This is also a good reminder as to when the next servicing will need to be done.

Servicing could mean a few different things. It could definitely mean your annual inspection and this will be noted on the tag. You can also have someone come in to recharge or to replace your current fire extinguisher. More often than not, you can save the expense of a new unit by just recharging the current one you have. Also keep in mind if at any time you use your extinguisher, even just a little bit, you will need to get it topped off. This is important to ensure if you ever do need it, it will be ready for you.

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As important as it is to purchase a fire extinguisher, it is just as important to make sure it is placed in the proper area. It needs to be in an uncluttered accessible place. This is important so that when you need it, it is needed right away. You won’t need too much time to try and find it. It’s also important to keep the area around it free of debris and clean. You don’t want anything else to cause damage to it or interfere with its proper functioning.