Fires can be a serious and deadly issue that can spring up without even a moment’s notice. Keeping this in mind, people are always advised to take precautionary measures everywhere they go, be it in their home or workplace. Every year fire related calamities causes destruction to both human and material possessions such as properties, cars houses not to mention the ecosystem by burning forests on large scales. Even though, governments all over the world invest huge amounts in firefighting equipment and services, it is also an individual’s responsibility to take precautions at a personal end to prevent these types of disasters from occurring. A simple way to do this is by getting a fire extinguisher for a home, office or any other place that can be bought according to the fire extinguisher ratings given to it.

fire extinguisher ratings chart

All firefighting equipments, especially the fire extinguisher comes with a set of fire extinguisher ratings that give an indication as to what kind of fire it should be used for. These ratings for fire extinguishers help in letting a person know about their effectiveness in extinguishing a certain kind of fire. They are expressed in terms of alphabets and numbers that denotes the class of fire a particular fire extinguisher can be used for. Fires can start due to various reasons such as an electrical short circuit, chemical mixing or while cooking which is why they are each given a different set of classification number that defines their properties. These vivid fire signs and ratings are then used for marking a fire extinguisher with the kind of fire it can extinguish.

safety ratings for fire extinguishers

When renting or purchasing a home or any other building structure, it is very important to make sure to check the fire safety ratings it has as to prepare yourself for any adversity. These ratings are given according to the fire safety equipment or standards the structure has including fire extinguishers that are present in it depending upon the fire extinguisher ratings. It is crucial to have these standards in place along with the firefighting equipment as it not only protects you from getting hurt during a fire related emergency but also protects the overall property itself.

Installing fire extinguishers in a home or office is a good idea as they can prevent a small sparking or fire related incident from transforming into a grave disaster. Just make sure to check the fire extinguisher ratings beforehand.