Over the last couple of years, the public has noticed that the men’s fashion industry has been evolving at very high speeds due to the underlining influence of Hollywood and the New Media. Some of the most popular accessories that keep popping on and off the scene are the skinny ties. Bill Blass a fashion designer in the 60’s is known to have said that men’s ties would ultimately “have to go” someday and would be replaced by scarves. While ties in general have not completely dissolved from the scene, their widths keep getting smaller and smaller.

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Brief History

Skinny ties made their first appearance in the early 50’s and 60’s with the help of well know rock bands like The Beatles and The Rat Pack. They were further popularized by the famed designer Ralph Lauren in the early 1970’s and today we would call these Vintage Skinny ties. In the 1990’s, their trend was still kept alive by a couple of different punk style rock group. However, in the early 2000’s, the tie reemerged with the help of the French- Tunisian designer Hedi Slimane and was soon incorporated into major design collection like Prada, Vogue, and other well-known brands. Today, they are worn by men from every field all across the globe.

Tie Clips for Skinny Ties

With the emergence of the Dot com boom, the look of corporate America has seen a radical shift from suits and ties to more casual clothing, but popular television shows that depict the life of 1960 corporate America like Mad Men which has brought the men’s accessory sector back into business. In a recent LA Times article, the author states that the use of tie clips or tie bars is a fail-safe way for men to accessorize with jewelry without being snickered at or made fun of.

Among the main accessories that go along well with skinny ties are tie clips. These are available in different colors like teal, silver, gold, and orange. There are two main types of this tie: those that contain a pinch clasp and those that have side clasps. Most men tend to prefer the side clasp clips over the other.

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Where to Buy Skinny Ties?

They can be purchased from different retail outlets. They are made from different fabric materials like silk, wool, microfiber, and cotton and also can be found in a wide range of colors that will match all your needs.

However, the best place to purchase them is from an online retail store. You could start your search on Amazon. The price range starts from $2 and goes all the way up to $25.

They also sell a wide variety of accessories like tie clips and tie bars. Some of these online retail stores also include great discounts and free deliver with certain purchases.

With Christmas coming right around the corner, you might want to surprise your loved ones in with Christmas ties coupled with some accessories like brass, teal and silver tie clips. So go head and check out some skinny ties and tie clips right now.