A Fedora hat is a very unique and quite stirring hat especially when worn well. The most appealing thing about a fedora hat for men is its simplicity and also the way it frames the face of the wearer. Made especially popular by the fictional character Indiana Jones, fedora hats are the height of fashion and sophistication for men. They have long been worn and they are worn in different styles by different people but they all give the same stirring effect because they are real attention catchers. The good news is that now you can learn how to make your own fedora hat.

Elegant fedora hat for men


  • Cardboard paper
  • Scissors
  • Corn starch
  • Scrap paper
  • Paint and brush
  • A template to guide you in cutting

Steps in Making your Own Fedora Hat

Learning how to make a fedora hat

  • The first step towards making the hat is preparing the template. This is to be cut out of the cardboard paper. Two templates are used and one is for the base while the other is glued or taped on top of the base template. They should be measured so that they are exactly the same radius to ensure they fit into each other. The base of the template should fit your head very smoothly. This is because when the taping starts, there can be no other way of making the fedora hat bigger.
  • After this, one has to fold the top indentation in order to fit it into the base. The top indentation has flaps and so should be folded carefully to ensure a decent shape is maintained.
  • The flaps are now taped together at the base making the top complete such that the Indiana Jones fedora hat top emerges.
  • Shape the brim of your fedora hat well to ensure it is distinctively the same as the usual shapes. The tip of the brim can be folded downwards to raise the brim as is required. When taping together the hat, sufficient room should be left in order to ensure the hat is well folded and that it will not come out because of being too taut.

stylish indiana jones fedora hat

It has originally been famed as the hat for gangsters and detectives and it gives a very intriguing physique because it obscures part of the face. Making your own fedora hat for men is the most interesting thing and you will enjoy the process. A series of steps are to be followed and this should be done keenly to ensure one ends up with a beautiful hat.

ultimate indiana jones hat

This is the ultimate Indiana Jones hat. Used mainly by people who do not want to make their looks obvious and by gangsters, it gives a sense of mystery. Fedora hats are very good for casual wear and they can also be bought. The advantage of learning how to make a fedora hat is that you can do it any time since the materials are readily available. As such one should follow these steps very keenly. However, bought fedora hats are not made of cardboard and needless to say they will last longer and so one may invest in one.