Why is Hayward Vacuum cleaners for pools popular? The Hayward Pool Vac is a great solution to your pool maintenance needs. Great products like the Hayward pool vac ultra, the Hayward pool vac XL and the Hayward robotic pool vacs are all products to consider if you need to keep your pools clean and looking their best.

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Brief History

Hayward Industries has been around for over 80 years, constantly working to keep pool maintenance not only possible but also easy and effortless for owners around the nation. They seek to create “cutting edge” products and work to fabricate efficient Totally Hayward Systems that work year-round. Their goal is to make things easy and simple, with products ranging from filters, pumps, heaters, cleaners, and more. AquaVac Systems, acquired in 2007, has become a brand that Hayward uses due to its international reputation for high quality manufacturing. The companies now work together to market maximum growth opportunities.

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  • Energy Efficiency. Cleaners by Hayward are automatic, allowing for energy conservation and less effort on the owner’s part. The most efficient cleaners are the robotic cleaners, which save up to 94% of energy costs vs. common pressure cleaners. From the TigerShark to the SharkVAC, these robotic cleaners offer a great solution that might be perfect for you.
  • Suction Cleaners. The suction cleaners that Hayward is renowned for are one of their many great products. Suction cleaners are used best in desert and tropical climates where the Hayward pool vac can easily handle fine debris, twigs, and leaves. Even though they have to be installed through a dedicated line, it can be done in 15 minutes without any other tools necessary. The Hayward Blu is a great solution for in-ground pools with its SmartDrive technology, which makes it fast and efficient. The Pool Vac XL is great because of its AquaPilot steering maneuverability, which allows the cleaner to steer in a predetermined routine.
  • Single Pass Capability. As the majority of these cleaners are powered by your own filtration system, buying a booster pump is an unnecessary expense. The DV5000 is another great solution for its impressive power. Able to devour debris in a single pass, it’s an automatic pool cleaner that is quiet and self-propelling. This means that, on its own, it can clean up all the dirt, debris and twigs that are in your pool.

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Having a pool, either personally or commercially, is an investment that’s hard to maintain. Pools need constant work and maintenance; Hayward is a company that helps you to keep everything in order.

Whether you are buying all of your equipment from Hayward or just your cleaners, they’re a great place to go to solve all of your pool problems. So don’t worry about having to maintain a pool. The hassle, the worry, and the amount of work can be significantly cut down if you choose to use the products that Hayward has spent years and millions of dollars developing. The Hayward pool vac might be the last thing you need to buy for the rest of your career as a pool owner, and their quality and durability will make it a purchase worth your while, plus additional Hayward pool vac parts are very reasonably priced.