The best chainsaw is helpful when it comes to cutting things such as trees. It has many uses such as cutting dead trees, cutting lumbers, or cutting firewood for your fireplace. But for inexperienced people, buying a chainsaw can be tough. There are features that you have to look for in order to secure that the chainsaw is safe to use. The Best chainsaw for the money must have the prime features in order to avoid injuries and secures your safety.

great quality craftsman chainsaw

Important Features of a Chainsaw

According to some research, there are about 36,000 users who got injured using chainsaws. For you to avoid being listed on that population here are some features of best chainsaw that you must look for:

  • Has vibration dampening. The constant vibration can tire you because of the weight of the object. Look for a chainsaw that has vibration dampening to lessen being tired while doing the job. Many of the best chainsaw brand models already have this feature. This makes the work easier for the period of time you are using it.
  • Has an automatic bar oiler. The chainsaw works always with a constant friction of metal to metal. This is between the bar and the chain. Due to this, the bar must be lubricated with oil so the chain will run smoothly.  Best chainsaw must have automatic bar oiler. This will automatically put oil on the bar when needed. Without this feature, you will constantly stop your work and apply oil to the bar. This can slow down your work.
  • Has chain break. This is one of the safety features that should be available in all best electric chainsaw models. The model must feature the inertia that activates the chain break. This will reduce the chance of getting injured by the kick back of the blade. When there is inertia it activated the chain break and senses the kick back. It will automatically stop the chainsaw from working.

stihl-the most trusted chainsaw brand name

Recommended Chainsaw Brands

You should look these features if you are planning to buy chainsaw. To make things easier, here are some recommended brands where you can find the features enumerated above:

  • Stihl. This manufacturer is one of the trusted names when it comes to producing chainsaws. They have legendary best chainsaw products from blowers, trimmer and many more.
  • Husquavarna. The manufacturer has premium range of chainsaw models that are designed for maximum work.
  • Poulan. You can choose any Poulan chainsaw you need and as well as chainsaw parts. You are ensured of the great quality products they sell.
  • Craftsman. This manufacturer has great rates from users that offer wide range of electric and gas chainsaw.

Always look for the basic features that are needed in a chainsaw for maximum productivity and ensure security for every user. Everything should be worth the money up to the last bolt.