Asics wrestling shoes are designed with comfort that helps you get maximum style in the way you make moves while wrestling. If you wear such wrestling shoes from Asics you will have power and control over your moves. This will help in placing you at a better advantage as compared to your competitors. All the Asics shoes for wrestling are light. Such great designs help in giving every wrestler better ankle support, superb traction and flexibility.

limited edition asics aggressor wrestling shoes

Asics Aggressor Wrestling Shoes

Asics Aggressor wrestling shoes are the most popularly known type of wrestling shoes among grapplers. Most people like this aggressor wrestling shoe because it has a classic look and have many colors. They have worn the heart of many elite wrestlers because of their great features. Such features are:

  • Innovative Performance: Such a feature from Asics wrestling shoes is perfect for a mat.
  • The wrestling shoe has a DuoSole that is located on the outsole. Due to the outsole’s flexibility, the grip of your foot will be well placed on the mat. At the same time, you will be able to maintain flexibility when wrestling.
  • On the upper side of the shoe is made using synthetic Ecsaine that you can apply super suede.
  • 3-dimensional that makes the shoe easy to adapt to your foot’s size.
  • The shoe can hold a person whose weight is 8.4 oz.

high rated asics Rulon wrestling shoes

Asics Rulon Wrestling Shoes

Asics Rulon wrestling shoes for men are the best and a must have for all wrestlers. Even if Asics has stopped manufacturing Rulon shoes, you can still find them in the market. The shoe has a great ankle support and superb traction. Most of the shoe junkies who have worn this Rulon shoe has testified how great it is when compared to the rest. The Asics wrestling shoes are durable, fit according to the type of your feet and they fit perfectly. This is especially if you were careful while selecting the appropriate size.

best choice asics ultratek wrestling shoes

Asics Ultratek Wrestling Shoe

If you are a wrestler and you have been searching for technically advanced shoes, you are in the right place. Asics Ultratek Wrestling Shoes are a perfect example of a more advanced shoe in the entire market. Here are the great features of an Ultratek Wrestling shoe:

  • Moisture transport that prevents the shoe from getting bad odor
  • Memory Foam– this is great because it will give you a comfortable as well as better performance fit of your feet
  • Sophisticated ventilation systems
  • Wrestling Specific I.G.S – this high technology helps the foot of every wrestler to efficiently work on his/her mat.
  • Asics Personal Hell Fit or PHL– this is a running technology that is great for every wrestler. The technology gives perfect support as well as comfort because of heel collar that is moldable depending on the size of your foot.

asics most popular wrestling shoes

Before you purchase Asics Wrestling shoes you should consider factors like the correct size. All wrestling shoes are manufactured in larger sizes and you should select a fitting and fairly snug shoe. You should be able to know how to select the best shoe type. Another factor that you should consider is the style and shoe color. You can select the color of Asics Wrestling Shoes that suits according to your style.