A stippling brush is very common for those who are beauty conscious and into makeup. It is an essential makeup tool and is a part of most of the makeup brush sets available in the market today. A stippling makeup brush essentially consists of two types of bristles. The white ones are longer and are synthetic while the black ones are the natural type. The white ones are used to pick the product that you want to apply and the black ones will buff it evenly and nicely onto your face. Black bristles are usually made from goat hair. Because of the presence of two different types of hair, the stippling brush is also referred to as the skunk brush.

The Application

best stippling brush

  • A stippling brush is used to apply foundations, blushes and highlighters of different kinds like cream, liquid and powder forms.

  • You can find separate stippling brushes for each purpose such as the foundation stippling brush that is used to apply any kind of foundation.

  • In order to apply, the white tips are dipped into the blush, foundation or highlighter and the tips are dotted onto your skin gently. Once you do so, the brush should be pressed slightly so that the black bristles carry out their function of buffing the product onto your skin.

The Uses


best stippling brush for make up application

  • The stippling brush is similar the foundation brush as it also used to apply foundation.

  • You can use the stippling brush in order to apply blushes, which are highly pigmented. Heavily pigmented blushes can easily make you look horrible and those who have a heavy hand will be aware of this a tad too well. Hence, a stippling brush is ideal because you will be able to use the product lightly and get the right shade.

  • The same principle works with highlighters that have the tendency to seem shimmerier than they are actually meant to be. With a good stippling brush, you can solve that problem too and get a thin sheen instead of a whole horrendous ball.

There are numerous kinds and brands of stippling brushes available in the market today. You can pick the best stippling brush depending on various criteria. Some of the major brands include Sonia Kashuk, MAC 187 and Sigma F-15 to name a few. You can check reviews if you are in doubt so that you end up picking only the best one in the market.