If you are contemplating getting a Hotsy Pressure washer, then you are making a great decision. When it comes to pressure washers there is no better brand out there than Hotsy. What a lot of people are unaware of is that this is not your average power washer; they have many more features than that.

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Something that you will see below are some of the features that the Hotsy pressure washer has and why more and more people are buying them. Now, if you are looking for a pressure washer to clean your sidewalk and wash down your house, then this will do that. If you want a pressure washer that can strip the stain off your deck, then all Hotsy pressure washers can do that as well. One great thing about a Hotsy pressure washer is that the company has been around since 1970 and in that time there has never been a pressure washer that even compares to them.

Popular Features Of Hotsy Pressure Washer

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  • Hot And Cold Option – Did you know that you can get a Hotsy hot water pressure washer? These are great as some things are better cleaned with hot water as opposed to cold. Now, if you want a cold water pressure washer, then you can get that as well.
  • Replaceable Parts – The nice thing about finding Hotsy pressure washer parts is that you can order them directly from the manufacturer and they will arrive on your doorstep. Most other companies require that you find the parts yourself, however, Hotsy would rather you come directly to them for the best part.

One thing that you will notice when you use a Hotsy pressure washer is that they are not your typical pressure washer. These will produce more pressure than most commercial washers and they are built to last. You may notice on some pressure washers that they look rather weak; this is not the case with Hotsy. This is also due in part to how easy they are to maintain.

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Maintenance Tips

  • Remove Dirt After Each Use – One thing you should do after each use is to remove any excess dirt that you have on the machine. You do this in order to keep the pressure washer looking like new and running like new as well every time.
  • Store In Moderate Temperature – Did you know that keeping your pressure washer in a room that reaches high temperatures or really low temperatures can cause it to break? What happens is the water will start to corrode the pressure washer and after a while it will make the entire unit worthless.

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Being that a Hotsy pressure washer is not the cheapest pressure washer out there, you need to keep it clean for the next time you use it. Don’t make the mistake that many people make and think that just because it is a commercial piece of equipment that it can handle all the abuse. Yes, it can handle abuse but just like any piece of equipment, a Hotsy pressure washer will last longer if you keep it looking and running like new.