Just as the name suggests, a disposable camera is a use and throw camera. It is also quite popularly known as a one-time camera because you can use it only once. These cameras are famous mainly because they are very easy to use and they are very cheap. Depending on your choice, you could buy either a digital disposable camera or the traditional disposable camera with film. You can find them in many places very easily. They are easily available even at the grocery store. The ease with which you can click pictures makes these cameras very ideal for numerous occasions. You don’t need to worry about the quality because it is often very good. Also, you can concentrate on the event and not on your camera as you would with an expensive piece.

best quality kodak disposable camera

Features Of Disposable Cameras

There are numerous reasons why one would buy and they are enumerated below:

  • These are very cheap and easily available.
  • The waterproof disposable camera allows you to take pictures even under water.
  • They are fully automated and some of them even give you the delete option.
  • Some cameras also come with a self-timer which is very ideal for group pictures.
  • The image quality is quite good and you can get 8 x 10 inch print easily.
  • They are convenient and can be taken to trips and vacations without having to worry about losing them.

Disadvantages Of The Disposable Camera

However, there are a few disadvantages of the disposable camera. Here they are:

  • You can’t zoom in and out with a disposable camera.
  • Some cheap models don’t give you the option of deleting and other models don’t have a rear monitor and this is problematic when it comes to deleting.
  • You can’t scroll through the pictures that you have clicked.
  • If you buy very cheap models, the flash is overexposed and the image quality is affected.
  • For every new picture, you must wind the wheel and this is easy to forget.

trend cheap disposable underwater camera

Tips On Buying A Disposable Camera

A disposable camera is best suited for occasions and vacations. There are a few things you should remember which making your purchase:

  • If it is for an event, calculate how many disposable cameras you will need based on the number of guests.
  • Buy a digital disposable camera because one with film can be more expensive. You will also have to keep track of the film being used and how many films you will need. A digital camera eliminates all that.
  • You have numerous choices and thus, you can buy a disposable camera that goes with the theme of the party.
  • For a huge event such as a wedding, it is best to buy disposable cameras in bulk.

For the long run, an actual camera is better but if you don’t need the camera often and only use it at times, a disposable camera is the best option for you.