Cargo pants are generally loose-fitting pants that are made from twill cotton fabric featuring large pockets along either side of the legs. Originally, the pants were made in fatigue green for military use but managed to find their way in the commercial scene. Several designers from Milan, New York and Paris commercialized the style of the cargo pants by displaying on the runways designer versions of these pants.

Cargo Pants Features

  • They are found in loose-fitting and slim styles with their hemlines at mid-calf or hitting at the ankles.
  • They have inspired other kinds of cargo garments having a similar relaxed yet functional look which have made them popular.
  • In fashion industry, they have become staples of warm weather and hit about an inch over the knee as well as offer roomy pockets.
  • They are available in various colors such as navy, army green, tan as well as various shades of black and brown.

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The military issues to all their soldiers camouflaged pants or fatigues. Army fatigues normally are loose fitting as well as equipped with large loops and pockets that enable the soldiers to store items that they may require when they are on the battlefield for instance extra bullets, food, water and first aid supplies. Items that are kept in large pockets usually are easy to reach than those that are inside a backpack and this makes the army fatigue pants very important while on the battlefield. While matching forward, a soldier does not have to slow down his pace as he is able to reach what he requires in his pants.

Similarly cargo pants are normally designed with this concept in mind. But, the difference between cargo pants and military fatigues is the fabric as well as the cut variations so as to fit in the current fashion trends.


Cargo pants are usually considered casual. The large pockets and loose fit give them a relaxed, weekend appearance. They are not suitable to wear at formal events or in an office environment. Even though silk cargo pants designed for women may be worn together with high heels, still they are only casual. Cargo pants may be worn when one is going to casual functions like picnics, informal gatherings and barbecues.

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Fashion Tips

Cargo pants are usually worn by both women and men with men wearing the traditional style pants while those for women are available in various styles. Since they have today become a fashion trend, one can be able to dress them up so as to make them suitable for the workplace. You can incorporate them into a professional collection by pairing them with clothes usually worn in a workplace setting.

Just like cargo pants, propper pants are also popular as one can wear them in public or during training. They are available for both women and men in different materials, designs and colors.