When you want a fashion accessory that you can wear with most outfits, a scarf will be the ideal solution. If you are wearing a simple shirt, a wool scarf can help to make a fashion statement. It’s important to learn some of the different ways to tie a scarf if you want to show off the versatility of this fashion accessory.

In general, most people tie a scarf just like a necktie and display it in a wrap fashion. The following are some of the common ways to tie a scarf:

different ways to tie a scarf

  • Knot tying method: This will be the ideal tying method if you want a scarf to hang loosely around your neck or drape it across one shoulder in a diagonal fashion and knot at it your hip. A knot can also work well if you style the scarf and then wrap it around your waist or hip. Another way to use this knot tying style is to transform your scarf into a head piece. Make a fashionable knot that is centered on both side of your temples or tie the scarf at the nape of your neck.

  • Windsor knot: If you want to wear your scarf in a Windsor knot style, you can glide the knot towards your neck and allow it to hang midriff. Another knot style is to use your scarf to make a belt and wear it along with an over coat with loops at the side. Tie your scarf in a loose knot or bow style to close up the front or back section of the jacket. Try not to make a knot that is too small when tying your scarf.

One of the good things about wearing scarves is that they are extremely versatile. A leopard scarf for example is one of the most versatile fashion accessories to have in your wardrobe. A leopard scarf will look really great with a little black dress or other black outfits.

stylish leopard scarf

Let’s look at one of the basic ways to tie a scarf.

  • Start by spreading out your scarf in a diagonal fashion to make a triangle.

  • Take hold of the wide, middle section and fold repeatedly to create a band that is two inches in size.

  • After that, you can drape the newly made band around the neck area and then tie the scarf in a knot. This knot style can look great if you are wearing an open collar top or you can even push it towards the side of a sleeveless shirt.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the ways to tie a scarf. You should know that there are also many ways that you wear a scarf in a wrapped fashion. For one, you can open a scarf and wrap it widely across your shoulders like a short cape or shawl. With a bit of creativity you can wear your scarf in many ways!