When you say modern furniture, this refers to those furniture that was made during late nineteenth century. This is because it is influenced by the modernism of the creative minds of people. It was just some customization of the furniture long ago that had been gone. But they put more twist on the design such as dark, gilded and rich in fabric patterns. That is why black furniture is popular recently. The form takes from heavy ones to lighter today. Here are some of the well-known modern design furniture:

Popular Modern Design Furniture

  • The Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair. This is one of the iconic modern furniture you can find. It was designed by Marcel Breuer in Dessau, Germany. It is made from stainless steel and canvas. The chair’s design was the most interesting that has a symmetrical abstraction of the wafer thin and geometric planes.
  • The Barcelona Chair. This chair is not just considered as a piece of furniture but as well as a functional art. This is made from stainless steel to make the form a seamless piece of art and covered with Bovine leather. This was inspired by a folding chair with an “X” shape on the footstools.
  • Noguchi Coffee Table. The design is half Japanese and half American. This modern furniture is known for its simplicity yet unique style. A combination of wood base and a free form glass at the top.

classic and trendy contemporary sofa set

What are the modern furniture stores?

  • Adesso Home. This has one of the stylish and affordable furniture in store. For over 15 years, they manufacture the top quality furniture for not only homes but as well as in office, apartments and dorms. You can look for discount modern furniture sold in this brand.
  • Caluco. This is one of the brands that specialized in outdoor luxury furniture for homes, hotels and other contract markets. The products are designed to last and to impress you. The only disadvantage is not all can afford since the prices are too steep.
  • Furnitech. The brand that manufactures the best quality of any entertainment furniture such as consoles and stands of the TV. All products are known for their flexibility.
  • Greenington. The brand manufactures unique and high quality furniture made with bamboo for your living room, bedroom, office or dining room. The disadvantage here is the design will only fit to certain areas and bamboo furniture needs high maintenance.

superb up- to- the- minute living room furnitures idea

You can find more about modern furniture and other different brands using the Internet. There you can read some reviews of which brands are the best and you can then choose the best from your preference.