One of the most important and expensive kinds of jewelries are the engagement rings. They also are the epitome of the love and unity of the couple. Therefore, it is no surprise that these will also be the most expensive jewelries. In fact, most celebrities will come a long way just to purchase the most expensive engagement rings. They are not contented with just the average types of engagement rings that can be found in some jewelry stores.

Know The Most Expensive Engagement Rings For Women

Most people think that only expensive diamond engagement rings are perfect for events, but this is not actually the case. Rubies, Alexandrite and Blue Sapphires are actually more expensive compared to diamonds and they can be used as expensive engagement rings for women too. However, diamonds were considered as symbol of burning flame and inner fire by the ancient Greeks. Aside from that, they were also called as the tear drops of the Gods.

Greeks are the ones that started the practice of wearing the ring on the third finger on the left hand. This is done so because the veins on this finger extend up towards the heart. Diamonds are also considered as expensive diamond engagement rings because they are the toughest of all the minerals. Since they are the toughest, they help in symbolizing the unbreakable love of the couple for each other.

Discover The Most Expensive Diamond Engagement Rings

Expensive engagement rings made of yellow diamonds are also rare. One American jeweler from Kentucky sold this kind of ring at 1.50 million dollars. Since this ring was very precious and expensive, it was delivered using an armored van. One celebrity who is fond of yellow diamonds is Charlie Sheen. In fact, he even purchased a 5-carat ring of this kind during 2007. This ring was for Brooke Shields, his ex-wife. This ring was worth $500,000. Further, famous soccer player, David Beckham gave Victoria a kind of ring, which is also known as “Secret Kiss of The Rose.” This particular ring has a pink diamond at the center, which is 0.9 carat and then surrounded by white diamonds, which are 4.5 carats. This is worth 525,000 dollars.

The most expensive engagement rings are not only measured by their size, they are also considered for their cut and clarity. One of the famous specialists in diamond cutting is the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. They are known for their emblematic cut and refined technology. Some of the big stars who purchased their expensive engagement rings are Queen Elizabeth II, Ryan Philippe and Reese Witherspoon.

Expensive engagement rings are very precious pieces of jewelries and this is shown by the way they look and are designed.