Since 1934, Amana has been producing innovative and reliable heating and cooling solutions. What started as a small operation in Amana, Iowa, has grown to become a global leader in its industry. From innovative designs, such as the MillionAire heat exchanger, to first class services, including the Lifetime Unit Replacement Warranties and Asure extended service plans, Amana air conditioning offers outstanding performance and reliability. This is easy to see with the endless amount of Amana air conditioning reviews available on the Internet.

Best of Amana Air Conditioning

With a wide selection of climate control equipment and accessories available, Amana air conditioning has everything you need to keep your home or business comfortable throughout the year.

Amana Product Lines

  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Packaged Units
  • Air Quality Controls
  • Air  Handlers
  • Thermostats and Controls
  • Packaged Terminal Units

From small units for an apartment or small home to massive units designed to keep offices and warehouses comfortable, Amana heating and air conditioning is ready to help you with your climate control needs. Should you ever need repairs that are not covered by warranties or the Asure extended care plan, Amana air conditioning parts are easily found online and at local appliance repair stores.

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Two of Amana’s most popular products are air conditioners and heat pumps. With multiple styles and lines from which to choose, finding the perfect unit for your needs is simple.

Popular Amana Air Conditioning Units

Amana Premium Series ASXC18 and ASCX16

Both of these models offer exceptional energy efficiency and state of the art technology to keep you comfortable all year round. ComfortNet Communications System compatibility makes these air conditioners easy to integrate into existing climate control systems. High-density foam insulation reduces the noise output to provide quiet, powerful performance. R-410A refrigerant keeps your house cool without damaging the environment.

Amana Premium Series ASX14 and ASX13

The units feature the same build quality and design as the ASXC series. The only thing missing is ComfortNet Communications System compatibility. With a SEER rating up to 15, these units can provide substantial savings over your existing older unit.

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Amana Distinctions Series SSX16 and SSX14

With optimized intake designs, advanced auto-defrost capabilities and SEER ratings up to 16, these Amana air conditioning units set the standard for excellence. A limited lifetime warranty on the pump and 10 year warranty on parts and labor help to ensure this air conditioner will be keeping your home or business cool for years to come.

Amana Distinctions Series GSX13

This small unit packs an astounding amount of cooling power. With its affordable cost, it can keep you and your family cool without breaking the bank. Louvered intakes and exhausts keep the unit quiet while a 10 year parts limited warranty ensures easy, no-hassle use.

Useful Tips

Choosing the ideal system for your needs is based largely on your climate. These tips can help you find the best system:

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  • Hot climates: Choosing a dedicated air conditioner is ideal in climates that require little heating. These units allow you to stay frosty cool in the warm weather and save energy during the mild cooler months when additional cooling is not required.
  • Temperate climates: A heat pump is ideal in temperate climates. It can provide exceptional heating and cooling in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees Fahrenheit up to over 100 degrees.
  • Cold Climates: Accenting either of the above systems with a gas furnace is ideal in harsh, cold climates. The extra heat produced by the furnace is an efficient way to keep your home toasty and comfortable.

By taking advantage of Amana air conditioning units, you and your family will surely enjoy the passing of the seasons in relative comfort. It is truly a world class product that enhances people’s way of life.