There is something inflatable slides can bring to any celebration that nothing else can. They bring an extra oomph and color to an otherwise bland pool or yard party. It does not even matter how young or old you are; the sight of a happy, bouncy, enormous way to slide into the water will bring out the child in every person.

have fun with inflatable pool slides

Inflatable slides come in a variety of sizes and designs, and all these come in very strong and very durable vinyl materials.

Selection of the most suitable size of a slide depends on the use of that water slide. Big inflatable water slides are more suitable for use by adults. For children, the small inflatable slides are preferred as they are generally safer for smaller kids. There are various tips to consider when selecting these inflatable slides.

Things to Consider When Buying Inflatable Slides

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  • Types of slide – These slides come in different types. The common ones are the single slide, and slip and slide. It is important to know the type as it makes the purchasing process easy.
  • Pool or Yard Size. This lets you know the type of slide to go for. If it is for your back yard, the small types are best. For commercial purposes big slides are preferred.
  • Purpose and functionality – for pool areas, the inflatable pool slides are suitable as they are designed to be used for pool activities.
  • Price of the Slide – The cost will greatly determine the slides to purchase. Commercial slides are more costly than domestic slides. However, the design and quality also influences the cost of the inflatable slides. Compare prices in order to find one that fits your budget.
  • Safety – the steps for climbing on to the slide need to be reinforced in order to prevent lsips. The sides should have railings to hold on to.
  • Material – go for inflatable slides that are made of strong, durable and fire resistant materials. The material should also be light in weight so as to ease the process of putting it down.

Cleaning Tips

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Inflatable water slides need to be maintained and cleaned regularly to keep them in good conditions and prevent spread of diseases. Below is how you clean inflatable slides.

  • Inflate the slide, place it on a clean surface and spray water on to it to remove loose dirt.
  • Apply vinyl cleaner on all the surfaces of the inflatable slide using a smooth sponge so as not to scratch the slide’s surface. You can use mild dishwashing soap if you have no vinyl cleaner.
  • Spray water on the slide to remove the vinyl cleaner and let it dry in the open. For the seam and folds, clean using a soft cloth.
  • After drying, apply household disinfectant on the surfaces to prevent the growth of bacteria and mildew.

If you are organizing for a party, you can get inflatables for rent. They are affordable and readily available. Just contact your local event organizer. Next time you have a pool side event, add a sure fire way to make it more fun and memorable with inflatable slides!

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