Coffee urns might not be something you hear a lot. This is so unlike with the familiar sound of coffee makers. This you can hear a lot and can already imagine what it can do even without personally seeing one. Coffee urns are actually huge coffee makers as well as coffee container. This is often used at special occasions serving a number of guests.

Highly Beneficial Coffee Urn

Understanding Coffee Makers

A coffee urn is a coffee maker. However, there are bunch of other coffee makers in the market. Understanding what they can do will help in identifying coffee urns main use.

  • Traditional Drip – This will make around four to twelve cups of brewed coffee with glass or thermal carafe.
  • Single Use – brew a cup of coffee using coffee pods placed in a basket with water coming from its reservoir drips. This can be use for teas, lattes, herbal beverages.
  •  Percolator – this will brew coffee by making the water pass through the coffee grounds. The water maybe boiled in a separate chamber using pressure or gravity until it reaches the coffee grounds. However this coffee maker has been supplanted when drip coffee maker and French press came into the market giving more brewed coffee quality.
  • Coffee machine – this can brew different type of coffees like espresso, lattes and cappuccino. This are often used commercially making specialty coffees.
  • French coffee press – this will brew coffee by pouring the boiled water into the coffee grounds inside the press.

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Features Of Coffee Urns

What makes coffee urn very different among the other types of coffee makers is that it does not only brew coffee, it serves as coffee receptacle keeping the coffee warm so much like an airtight carafes. Of course, carafes do not make coffee like coffee urns since it only keeps coffee warm. Coffee urns are also used in catering events that often serve quite a number of people. The spigots of coffee urns also make serving coffee to a lot of people easy. So basically, coffee urn is different because of these three capabilities:

  • Convenience in serving coffee to a lot of people
  • Brewing a lot of coffee at a time
  • Keeping the brewed coffee warm for hours

How Coffee Urns Work?

Best rated commercial coffee urns

Coffee urns can brew up to 100 cups of coffee, depending on its size. A small coffee urn used at home can serve brewed coffee 10 to 20 cups at a time. One of the advantages in using coffee urn is that you don’t have to make coffee pots over again. It can also keep warm brewed coffee inside for hours without burning it.

Coffee urn made use of a method call percolation that is responsible of keeping the coffer inside it warm without burning. The method filters coffee grounds that resulted from boiling the water. The filtered coffee will then go to the coffee urn receptacle or container area.

Coffee Urns Uses

As mentioned, coffee urns are used to prepare brewed coffee for large gatherings. There are professional class coffee urns with quality spigot at its bottom to pour coffee out. Cheap coffee urn has spigot that are hard to turn off. Commercial coffee urns are commercially used in restaurants or in a catering establishment. These are often large urns that can brew gallons of coffee with extra thermostat feature to brew coffee quickly. Number of cups to serve depends on the coffee urns manufacturers.

Special Features

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  • Coffee urns can also come with light indicator. This will tell if the coffee is already brewed. The coffee urn will then automatically decrease its temperature enough to keep the brewed coffee warm.
  • Today’s coffee urns also come with water indicator. This will show the water level or the amount of coffee inside it.
  • Coffee urns can also be made in different materials like the stainless steel coffee urns and the aluminum coffee urns. Coffee urn like the West Bend coffee urns are often made from aluminum and stainless steel designed to use in buffet, break rooms, cafes and lounges.
  • Coffee urns today come with base that is heat resistant.
  • There are also two way drips models to maximize its serving capability.

With these features, coffee urns will certainly improve the kitchen or dining experience at home.