Over the knee boots are now one of the coolest shoes that women loved to collect. They can be stylish and trendy when worn with the right clothes. But do you really know how to wear over the knee boots? Here is your guide on how to wear these fashionable shoes to have the right appearance. This is for you to not get lost in the fashion trend and would not look weird.

Tips on How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

  • Never wear them with tight and bright buttocks hugging mini skirt. Even when you are the most gorgeous woman in your place, you will still not be able to pull a Julia Roberts. Remember, simplicity is always beauty so do not overdo the sensuality of over the knee boots.

best fashionable over the knee boots

  • Black will always be the perfect choice. If you are a conservative type of person, you can always choose brown. But if you really want to look hot, black is the option that will match any outfit you wear.
  • There are styles that look like they came from a dark dungeon, so as much as possible avoid them.
  • You can buy a leg hugging, soft, loose or over the knee flat boots. Whatever you choose, think of the style and the comfort that these boots would serve you.
  • Do not pair them with many laces attached on your clothes or appearance.
  • They are not ideal to wear with bell bottom jeans because these jeans hide the beauty of the boots.
  • Do not wear them with many colors. Just keep your looks coordinated with each other to convey a soft appearance.

best stylish over the knee flat boots

Clothes you can match with Over the Knee Boots

  • Leggings: They can be worn with leggings. Just pair them with something skimming such as the A-line mini dress. Just avoid dark colors or too much black.
  • Skinny Jeans: Ideal for women from any age bracket. With skinny jeans, you can pair it with a loose top tunic style.
  • Semi-fitted Over Skirt: This can give you a casual look.
  • Tailored Clothes: You can wear them with some fitted skirts or a mid-thigh coat paired with a bulky bag.

The knee high boots for women is also like the over the knee boots but a little shorter. They might be trendy and totally look hot when you are with them. If you cannot afford buying expensive and branded ones, you can always look for over the knee boots cheap in prices from garage sales or stores on discounts.