Lacrosse is one of the oldest American team sports played up to date. Hence, proper lacrosse gear is needed to ensure an effective game. This article will tackle the game and the various lacrosse gears.

Lacrosse: The Game

Here are a few of the requirements of Lacrosse.

  • Lacrosse is played by two competing teams, each of which has about 10 to 12 players, either male or female.
  • It involves the controlling of a rubber ball by the use of a netted stick.

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For a successful game, this sport requires its players to have fast judgement. Also, it requires special gear in order to ensure protection since lacrosse is a contact sport.

On Gears

Basically, men who play lacrosse put on more protective gear as compared to the female players. This is because the rules of the male lacrosse allow for more contact; hence, the game is rougher as compared to the game played by females. Also, there is a different kind of lacrosse gears for players on different levels of the game. This means that the playing gear of beginners differs from the gear worn by both the intermediate and advanced level players. The three most important gears when playing lacrosse include the following:

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  • Helmet – This gear is worn to prevent head injuries during the game.
  • Netted stick – The netted stick is used in trapping the plastic ball used to play the game.
  • Gloves – Gloves protect its wearer’s hands from injuries and provide for a firm grip of the stick.

When speaking of lacrosse gear, many tend to forget that the shoes are part of the gear. Lacrosse shoes need to provide comfort and control to its wearer during the game. These shoes also need to be light in weight to provide agility to its wearer.

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Shopping For the Gears

Unlike before, shopping for these gears today is a confusing task as there are various brands, designs as well as sizes to choose from. To access cheap lacrosse gear, one could opt for online shopping as there are several online stores that avail their commodities at discounted prices. For the diehard player and fans of lacrosse, custom lacrosse gear can be worn to act as a personal motivation for a player or show the level of loyalty in a fan. Customization can be done in any one of the following ways but is not limited to:

  • By printing names on the lacrosse jerseys
  • By having autographed playing gear

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Players have different fittings of their lacrosse gear. Youth lacrosse gear, however, is known to be tight fitting since the youth are very sensitive and particular about their image. While shopping for lacrosse gear, it is important to focus on the quality. The more comfortable the gear, the better your game will be.