Many triathlon athletes spend most of the days before the race planning on what triathlon gear to have during the event itself. The choice often includes shoes, bike, helmet, goggles, triathlon swim gear, tri suit and other essential items that are needed to complete the triathlon. However, most athletes fail to consider the triathlon gear that they would need after the race.

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Essential Triathlon Gear

Here are the essential types of triathlon gear women and men need:

  • Electrolytes

To avoid cramping, some athletes use sport drinks loaded with electrolytes or salt capsules during the event. However, after the race, you will still continue sweating and further deplete your body of essential minerals and salt. In addition, a main cause of muscle fatigue is calcium leak inside muscle tissues. Thus, after the race, you can spray yourself with topical magnesium. This will replace the minerals you have lost and displace calcium.

  • Protein

If you are going to take carbohydrates and protein within 20 to 30 minutes after you cross the finish line, you will have the necessary amino acids to repair muscle fibers that were damaged during the race. Unluckily, most finish lines in triathlon events offer oranges, pizza, bananas, energy bars and other foodstuff that have very low protein content. Thus you should pack your own protein in your triathlon gear pack. This will hasten your recovery after the race. This is particularly important if you are going to participate in another race or go back to training. Usually, sporting outlets offer discount triathlon gear every now and then. Look around for protein rich food supplements that may be offered at a cheaper price.

  • Wipes

After the race you may have to stick around for some time to attend a ceremony or chat with friends. You need something that will take care of that stink. Usually, the areas for triathlon finish lines are not equipped with shower rooms. It could be very unpleasant to stand around with all those dirt, grime and sweat on your body. However, by carrying several baby wipes, or environmentally friendly action wipes that are designed for athletes in your triathlon gear bag, you can smell like you just came from a spa. You will feel clean and look great, especially if you are going to go up the podium.

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Of course you should always include appropriate and comfortable clothes in your bag. Make sure that they are loose enough so that they will not affect sore areas in your body.