Owning a pool is no piece of cake. It might seem very sophisticated and luxurious but there are a number of aspects to cleaning and maintaining it. It is not easy to maintain a swimming pool especially if you don’t know what to do and how. Cleaning your pool once in a while is also not sufficient. You need to ensure complete swimming pool maintenance to be able to enjoy swimming and having fun in clean water. You can’t always hire a professional to clean it for you because that would be too expensive. There are steps you should carry out yourself in swimming pool maintenance to make sure it is crystal clear the water is inviting.

top swimming pool maintainance tips

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

  • Buy a good quality cover for your swimming pool. Make sure you buy one even before the pool has been completely installed. So in the list of essentials to purchase, make sure you jot down a swimming pool cover too. Simply making this investment will cut down a number of costs in the long term. You can save up on heating costs, chemical use and maintenance costs because cover keeps the pool safe from kids, avoids evaporation and also contamination by tree leaves and debris.
  • Make sure you stack up the manuals for maintenance and operation in easy-to-locate and reach places because you never know when you might need them.
  • Don’t stay anywhere in the vicinity of the pool when you hear a thunder. Vacate it immediately and don’t come back for half an hour.
  • The operating pressure must be penned down with a waterproof marker on the filter so that when you are cleaning or installing a new one, it will be handy.
  • Vacuum your pool regularly and clean it with good quality tools such as Polaris pool cleaner parts so that swimming pool maintenance is easier. Brush the walls and floor with appropriate brushes. The kind of brush you choose will depend on the making of the pool such as granite, vinyl and fibreglass. There are leaf skimmers to skim the bugs, leaves and other debris out.
  • Check the chemical content from time to time and ensure the pH is maintained at 7.2 to 7.6. There are chemical testing kits that can help you out with this. Whenever you add chemicals, make sure you add small quantities each time. Don’t empty the whole bag in one go. Also make sure you don’t use harsh chemicals.

basic pool care and maintainance tips

These are just a few steps towards swimming pool maintenance. If you follow these, you will be able to enjoy in your swimming pool as and when you want without being worried by dirty water or algae accumulation.