If you’ve been curious about mountaineering and it’s something that you’ve been thinking of getting into, this article is just right for you as it will give you a full and rounded idea of what essential mountaineering gear you need to look out for and invest in. By the end of this article you will know what gear is necessary to start out in mountaineering and whether or not mountaineering is something you want to get into.

Fortunately, mountaineering does not have a long list of equipment requirements. In fact, for an experienced mountaineer, it can be so minimalistic that all the necessary equipment can be picked up from nature, but that is for the veterans who have undergone years of training. Do not attempt any mountaineering without the essential gear!

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Basic Mountaineering Gear to Have

If you are keen on getting into mountaineering, the following is a list of the most essential mountaineering gear:

  • Rope: This by far may be the most essential bit of kit for any mountaineer. Ideally, climbing rope should be tough, relatively thick, 10mm thick and designed for rock climbing.
  • Quickdraws: These are bits of tough webbing attached to two metal links referred to as cabinetmakers. They allow the rope to run smoothly. Ideally a mountaineer would need about 16 of these.
  • Belay device: This is essential for rappelling or holding the fall of the active mountaineer. The belay device uses leverage to control the rate of descent.
  • Harness: Necessary for keeping the mountaineers weight on his/her waist and hips when they fall, lower themselves, rappel or hang. A harness is a much better option than using the rope.
  • Rock shoes: Essential for mountaineering performance. The type of shoe required is a matter of preference with some preferring studded shoes and others preferring slippers for closer contact.
  • Chalk: Mountaineering is a demanding activity an does cause hands to sweat. Chalk helps to keep them dry and hence improve a mountaineers grip.
  • Canned foods: It is impossible to go mountaineering without food. The best choice for you then is to buy canned goods, such as, Mountain House cans since they are sure to give you the boost you need and can last long.

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So, now that you have a nice shopping list for your essential mountaineering gear, how do you know which brands are the best to choose? A lot of it boils down to good, old-fashion common sense.

  • Check the sturdiness of your rope and only go for approved ropes.
  • With things like the quickdraws, belay device and harness, check their construction. Check if they are certified.
  • Research the different makes available and determine what would be suitable for you.

When it comes to the essential mountaineering equipment you use, if you skimp out and do not select tried and tested brands you are putting your life at risk. The difference between a few dollars or a few minutes checking out or researching a brand could translate into the difference between you ending up paralysed or having a fun-filled challenging day.

This article has just skimmed the surface of what essential mountaineering gear is required, however, the bits of equipment listed are all that is needed to get into mountaineering!