Technology has made one giant leap in our civilization. Essential gadgets are now rampant. We no longer send snail mails if we want to contact someone. We no longer dial into telephones. Everywhere you go may it be in airports or cafes, from a toddler to an elderly, everyone holds one or two essential modern gadgets everywhere. It won’t be termed as “essential” in our time if we can’t live without it or, in a subtler way, our day won’t be complete without it. Admit it or not, these modern essential gadgets do not only make us practical but also they let us look brilliant and super smart.

List of Essential Gadgets As Experts Say

Here are some essential gadgets most can’t live without. Most are used for their conveniences and overall betterment of modern living.

1. Smart Phone

Do you know someone who does not own a smart phone? Well, almost everybody has one. A smart phone is an essential gadget that is built on a mobile computing platform. The first smart phones started as a combined camera/mobile phone and personal digital assistant (PDA) functions. In the modern times, smart phones don’t only function as a regular phone. It already included touch screens, web browsers and WiFi connection. It even serves as a video game and music player. This is essential because everything can be organized most especially for businessmen.

the most essential gadgets

The front runner is the iPhone. Salute to Mr. Jobs for a very unique and useful invention. Other smart phones include Blackberry (Bold 9900) Windows phone (Lumia 900), Android (Galaxy Nexus), Symbian (808 PureView) etc. Let us not forget that since smart phones incorporate touch screen technology, it is inevitable to tire our fingers in navigating such. Hence, another invention arose with it. That is the stylus pen, which is a pen-shaped device that acts like a computer mouse to help navigate smart phones.

2. Tablet

This is an essential gadget that can be called as a mini, portable computer or laptop to the core. It supports third party applications; hence, a lot of consumers opt to have this over a laptop or desktop. It can cover different types of applications focusing on business, games, weather, education, entertainment and finance. iPad has been the most in demand tablet device. It is used by business professional, teenager on research for school paper and even children for playing games. Just like smart phones, a stylus pen is also applicable in navigating tablet devices.

3. A Digital SLR Camera

Just by hearing the name, the thought that would enter one’s mind is that a SLR camera take good pictures and is expensive. With the rise of this essential gadget, came also the increasing interest with photography. Quality pictures are products of this essential modern gadget. Taking a picture with this will surely enhance one’s look. Now who doesn’t want to upload quality, good pictures on social networking sites like Facebook?

4. Gaming Console

Playstations 1, 2, 3 and Nintendo Wii are just a few of the many gaming consoles available today. Another is the Xbox 360. Men out there go gaga over this essential modern gadget. Men and women of all ages can enjoy them along with family, friends or even somebody in the other side of the world. You can create your own kingdom once you play this modern essential gadget! You can be a Ninja or the most valuable player of your own basketball team. Hooked with the internet, the sky is the limit with your imagination once you engage with modern console gaming.

5. Noise-cancelling Headphones

Why are headphones essential? Music relaxes both the body and mind. The practical reason is to listen to the music in the best quality ever. Hence a noise-cancelling headphone was created. This modern essential gadget was designed to maximize one’s listening experience. Top manufacturers of this gadget are Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser.

Must Haves For An Average Modern Man

Gadgets are pricey. That is the truth. Do not fret though. There are still essential gadgets that are affordable and budget friendly.

list of essential modern gadgets

1. Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is the most essential gadget that is truly needed in day-to-day life. Communication is its primary purpose. Almost after 1-2 years, mobile phones are upgraded and new models are sold in the market. It started as a heavy, bulky phone and evolved into slim phones. Top producers are Blackberry, Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and Motorola.

2. Digital Camera

Film developing has long been gone. A digital camera allows you to see your pictures instantly. Just focus on the scenery or to someone and click. Your picture is then ready. It can produce good pictures just not like that of a digital SLR camera. Photo editing is also present in a digital camera.

3. iPods

MP3 player was once the star in the music gadget industry. Now that title was transferred to another essential gadget. Apple designed an essential modern gadget that plays movies, songs, games and has a photo slideshows. It can have up to 160 GB storage capacity. That is one big storage room, isn’t it?

Budget would really vary when essential gadgets are considered. Choosing the right gadget would sometimes be difficult since each manufacturer has unique features for their product. Human as we are, we want to have the most modern gadget there is. Make sure to know the product you want. Know its strong features and its deficiencies then compare it with other brands. In that way, you will not regret buying essential modern gadgets.