Football gear is needed to avoid bumps, bruises and other serious physical injuries to football players. Football is one of the ball games that involve intense bodily contact from player to player. Safety gears are like their city of refuge when they are out the in the field. Imagine a football player that comes crashing on you? That can create havoc on your face if not properly protected.

With the football game ever so popular, hint of danger must be told. Even the little boys and girls as early as 3 years old play the game. Danger of broken bones and ripped ligaments are lurking just around the corner of the football field. From there, let us learn all about the basic football gear. Here is a list of the football gear and equipments and their functions:

Football Gear And Equipments

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  • Helmet

It is not just an ordinary helmet you see being used by bikers across the street. It has a jaw pad, chin straps, padded shell, mouth guard and face mask with a protective see-thru plastic durable enough to battle a crashing fellow player. It protects the skull and everything in the head like the eyes, nose, mouth and teeth from breaking apart.

  • Shoulder Pads

It has a lot in it. It has a hard outer shell and a softer inner padding to absorb shocks. It has several straps to keep it in place. It protects the shoulders and also the rib cage.

  • Jockstrap Or Supporter

It protects the groin area from being bumped into. It is like a thong with a hard protective pouch where the privates are placed for proper protection.

  • Jersey Shirt

It is made of nylon. It identifies what team a player belongs to. It also identifies a player’s role in the team like a team captain, goal keeper or a regular player. Jersey shirts are tucked in such manner that the opposing team cannot use them as an advantage to pull the player down.

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  • Pants

Football pants are tight fitting. They have a lot of room for pads. They are tight enough to keep the pads in place. They also have belts or rings to keep them securely in place when the game begins.

  • Hip, Tail, Thigh, Glove And Knee Pads

Pads are very commonly used in football gears. They need all the cushioning they can get to avoid bone and ligament injuries.

  • Football Shoes

Football shoes are well spiked. The spikes or the cleats are there to prevent falls and give proper hold of feet on the ground. Youth football cleats should be strong enough to be used again and again running around the football field.

Inspection is the key to find what you need for your football gear. Look for high quality materials so there will be no lapses on protection. Well known athletic gear manufacturers or top brands of football gears can be the best bet in getting the best quality, if you can afford it. If not, there are many tips and advices online where you can get the best with affordable prices.