Before you buy the water pump, what do you need it for? The versatility of electric water pumps cannot be gainsaid. You can check the Hayward super pump. Depending of the various types of water pumps available, there is very little you cannot do that concerns water pumping with these pieces of equipment. Notably, as a buying guide for water pumps, it’s worth noting that there are electric-powered and gas-powered water pumps. The choice between the two depends of the level of activity to be done.

buying guide for water pumps

Why Would You Need A Water Pump?

Water pumps are used for pumping water through pipe system for the following purposes:

  • Draining water in case of flooding
  • Either draining or filling up the swimming pool
  • Pumping water for irrigation purposes and sprinkling
  • Spraying pesticides and fertilizers
  • Used in construction sites to provide water

Buying Guide For Water Pumps

As you have already seen, there are so many kinds of water pumps available designed to perform various pumping tasks. But how do you choose the exact one that you need? The following criteria may be helpful to you so that you save on costs and increase the efficiency and longevity of your water pump.

  • Jet pumps

These are extensively used around the home for pumping water from water wells. They are relatively cheap to acquire and maintain and not so powerful.

  • Trash pumps

Pumps of this kind are mainly used in construction sites where the water to be pumped is contaminated with solid matter. Being a little more powerful, they can handle rocks really well and are designed to pump all solid matter contained in water.

  • Well pumps

As their name suggests, they are used for pumping water out of deep wells. By their design, they can also be used to pump relatively thin liquids, with or without solids depending on the type of impeller chosen.

  • Flexible impeller pumps

They are relatively low-cost and not as powerful. Liquids such as water, seawater and other thin liquids are easily pumped using the flexible impeller pumps. Little amount of solids also can’t do any harm.

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Troubleshooting Guide

One of the important aspects of the buying guide for water pumps is that it can help you identify when your water pump is on the fritz and most importantly how to troubleshoot it. Some common signs of trouble with your water pump include:

  • Low water pressure at the end
  • The pump going alternately on-off
  • Clicking or chattering at the pressure knob
  • Leaking water

All these are some signs that something could be wrong, either with the water pump itself or the source of water. Then, there is also the risk of corrosion to the parts of the water pump. When the pump is used to transport other fluid like seawater, it is prone to get corroded, thereby reducing its life and efficiency.

Then, there is overheating. This is the surest sign that inside workings of your pump are not good. Fixing this, you may need to consult an expert or replace the faulty piece, if you can rightly identify it.