Epoxy resin and epoxy glue are often confused with one another but they have a few differences. One main difference is that the epoxy glue is sensitive to heat and high temperature. It consists of a resin and a hardening agent, which when mixed together form a strong bond. The glue is very strong once it dries. The drying time can vary according to the dilution. Some dilutions dry in a few minutes while the others may take about an hour.

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Epoxy glue has numerous applications. Some of them have been listed as follows:

  • After it dries, the glue gets very hard. Also, it has water resistance and that is the reason why it has so many uses. It can be used to seal and fill metal and wooden objects. Cracks can be filled with the glue and that is why it used by plumbers to repair pipes, etc. However, one thing to remember is to make sure you purchase specific epoxy glue for various function. Epoxy putty is more appropriate in sealing adhesives. A separate epoxy glue for plastic is designed and a separate one for metal too.
  • The glue also can be used to repair fiberglass used on boats. Marine epoxy glue is ideal but one must be sure to use it only for the hull. The glue must not be used for the outer surface of the boat. Likewise, the glue can ideally be used to repair a trailer or a few car parts.
  • The glue is also ideal for making jewelry. It bonds very well and since the bond is very strong, you can be sure that it will last long without any problems. Also, epoxy glue is easy to use. Hot glue can be very mess and stringy, making it less fun and more work. With epoxy glue this problem is solved very easily.
  • Glass windows can be repaired quickly by epoxy glue. However, one must be sure not to use it on cracked glass windows. A chipped window can be repaired easily but not a cracked one. Thus, you must be careful about the usage.
  • Clear epoxy glue is ideal for crafts and other art hobbies so that the end result is clean and nice.

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When you buy epoxy glue, you will see two parts in the pack. These two liquids need to be mixed and used immediately. The proportions to be added are generally equal but you should read the instructions just to be sure. Make sure to mix the liquids well so that your repair will be effective and easy when using epoxy glue.