It is common for girls to fret about dresses as soon as they get a party invite. They may have a full wardrobe but they will still panic and claim that they have nothing good. If the invite specifies requirements, then it is a bigger problem. Today, fashion rules are not exercised very strictly but you should know what to wear at a particular kind of party so that you don’t turn heads for all the wrong reasons.

silver sparkling oyster sequin party dress

Guidelines for Party Dresses

  • Day Party Dresses: For an afternoon tea, a baby shower or a luncheon, you should go conservative. The fabric and the cut should be conservative. For day occasions, you shouldn’t wear dresses that show your cleavage. Exposure should be minimal. The length of the hem should ideally be at the knee level. Sheath dresses are a good choice but make sure they are not body hugging. Tea-length dresses that are circle skirted are ideal plus size party dresses because they hide the hips. The fabric should ideally be non shiny. Embroidered dress or printed dresses is an ideal choice.
  • Cocktail Party Dresses: Events that are held during the evenings need cocktail girls party dresses. You have numerous options to choose from such as embroidered tulle or a silver sequin dress. Cocktail dresses usually reveal cleavage and leg but it is not necessary for you to show some skin. If you are not comfortable, you can always choose something less revealing. However, embellishments on clothes are a big hit for cocktail parties. Depending on your preference, you can either choose a plunging neckline or a boat neck, which is modest. You should keep the hemline to the knee or if you are comfortable, to the mid-thigh region.
  • Formal Party Dresses: Formal occasions will specify the kind of dress you should wear such as formal or black-tie. Elaborate and longer gowns are the perfect bet for such occasions. The hemlines go right down to the floor but some have cuts to show some leg too. A-line dresses are ideal if you want to hide heavy hips and accent your waist. Modern dresses for formal occasions are body hugging and mermaid-styled. They are a big hit because they are comfortable and do not restrict movement.

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If you have a tight budget, you can look for cheap party dresses based on your preferences online. There are a wide variety of options to explore online and you will surely find something that suit your requirements as well as your budget.