When it comes to heating your home there are a lot of different options. Electric, oil, and gas are the most prevalent. However, when comes to deciding which is best you will definitely want to decide with electric. Electric is a clean energy source, and is very easy to meter if you are renting out your home. Additionally, it is far cheaper and far better for the environment than either the other two options. One most popular option is electric radiant heat. Electric radiant heat works by having heat radiate out of its sources, filling a room or space with natural heating quickly.

ideal electric radiant heat floor

The most popular option when going with electric radiant heat is to have an electric radiant heat floor. This works by installing electric radiant heat panels under your floorboards. Then, you will hook up your electrical system as well as your traditional heating system.

modern style electric radiant heat panels

If you decide to increase the temperature of the room, then it will radiate up through the floor boards increasing the general temperature of the room. Electric radian heat flooring is a natural and extremely effective way to heat a room. The only downside for it is the installation.

efficient electric radiant heat systems

Installing electric radiant heat systems can be expensive. The most common way is to rip the floor, install the electric radiant heat units, and then replace the floor. However, if you’re rebuilding a room already or installing new floorboards or carpet, then you are in luck. It can be very simple to simply lay them down before installing the floor. If you’re hiring someone to redo your floor, they will often install it for you at very little extra. Hiring someone is a cost-effective way to save on other expenses.

One thing to bear in mind that will help mitigate the cost is the fact that electric radiant heat is far cheaper than any traditional heating methods. So if you want to save more money in the long run, then have it installed in your home.

beneficial electric radiant heat

Once you have electric radiant heat installed in your home, you will definitely enjoy it. It heats up a room far faster than traditional methods, as well as you’ll notice a much lowered heating bill. The electric bill may rise slightly, however it is not noticeable when compared to the decrease in your heating costs. If you enjoy electric radiant heat, you may think also about retrofitting your entire home.