Electric gate openers are common in houses and businesses with considerable long driveways. They are mechanical devices that are used in opening and closing of gates. These gate openers are installed alongside swing, slide or other types of gates. These openers enable the gates to open and to close through the use of remote controls that are commanded by the operator.

To generate the thrust to open the gates, electric gate openers are motorized by mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic energy.  It is considered a security measure because it limits one from getting out the vehicle to open the gate since they can be controlled from the comfort of one’s car. The number of driveway hijacking cases has increased in the recent times and to counter this threat, most people have resorted to using driveway gates as preventative measure, which use electric gate openers for driveways mechanisms to operate.

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Electric gate openers are very easy to install and affordable. There are a wide variety of electric gates available in the market today that require these types of gate openers.

Sliding gate openers electric systems are very ideal when the driveway is limited in terms of space because they occupy a considerable small space. It has a motor which slides the gate horizontally along some type of rails until they open. They are often found in business parking lots, homes with long stretches of driveways or in extremely steep driveways. When selecting this mechanism you should consider:

  • price,
  • type of mechanism it uses to operate; electric or hydraulic
  • brand.

The Apollo Gate Openers

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Apollo gate openers are a universally recognized brand of gate openers. They have different parts based on the type of gate that is mounted upon. The parts also differ when the gate opener is motorized mechanically or by use of hydraulic systems. They are a leading manufacturer and a trusted name of electric gate openers in the market.

If the gate openers are mechanically or electrically motorized, then the motor is the main source of power generation. Hydraulic motors use a hydraulic system to operate. The opener arm refers to a device that is attached to the gate sides, which is used in pushing and pulling the gate to open or to close. The transmitter refers to the wireless or a set of programs that is used to operate the opener. Another mechanism for these electric gates is the vehicle induction loops that control the opening and closing of the gates.

People interested with electric gate openers and safety can find enormous information from electric gate openers reviews. There are articles that educate homeowner’s ways of installing and building driveway gates. There are also informative articles on tips of choosing the right type of electric gates as well as knowing some new inventions on the same such as solar powered electric gates.