Desk lamps are very important especially because they are a good way to avoid eye damage due to weak light when reading. Getting good LED desk lamps can prove to be very hard and especially if one wants them for long term use. Well fused and easily fitted lamps are the best because they are easy to use and they are not prone to accidents.

efficient LED desk lamps

Dependable Brands of Lamps

Good insulation is also important to ensure that they do not cause shock when in contact with water or moisture. Here are some of the best brands that guarantee quality small table lamps:


When it comes to lights and bulbs, Phillips is the best brand to go for. The LED desk lamps from Phillips are the very best and they are really durable. The high quality ones have lovely white metal and nickel finish that makes them not only stylish when fitted to your table but also really presentable. The 7.5 watts lights are not only bright but they are also very energy efficient. The base unit is styled so nicely so that it has an on and off switch mode and this helps maximum conservation of energy.

Natural Light

The best and most flexible LED desk lamps are from Natural Light. You will be able to adjust it to various positions and reading under this lamp will be a pleasure. The lamps are very well made and they are the most suitable for small tables. The height of these lights is about 12″ and they are very convenient for the small tables. The make is very innovative and one can adjust the arm to make the light point at the exact point where they want to read. They also have a lovely white finish and the best technology. You get to conserve energy and read in style with this light.


This is the best manufacturer for the most stylish LED desk lamps. Not only are they designed to be as inconspicuous as possible on the desk top but they are also very unobtrusive to your work. The lights are very bright and they have the best energy conserving voltage. They are also innovatively made so that they are very flexible. One can adjust them according to the work they want to do. They are very bright and above all they emit minimum heat. These are the perfect lamps for small tables because they do not strain the eyes.

Daylight Lamps

With innovative foldable arms that ensure that you can twist the light to any direction you want, these lights are the best. If you want to get bright and conservative LED desk lamps then the daylight lamps are perfect. You can quietly work at your desk while the rest of the family watches TV because the light does not spread out to other part of the room. Its multi angle head joint is indeed very unique and many people love it because it can be fitted anywhere on the tables without talking much space.

classy small table lamps

These are some of the most outstanding brands of LED lamps for the small tables. These lamps have certain characteristics that make them belong in one classification. They are energy efficient, extremely flexible to point in any direction and the quality of light is very dependable.