It is a pleasure for most bikers to cherish thrilling experiences riding the exclusive road bikes. Bikes are used for various purposes and are the most common mode of transport for most people. And road bikes offer great comfort and safe ride for all alike. They are also used as racing bikes.

Most bikes have metal frames with brakes, two wheels and many types of gears such as angle or fixed gear system. But the road bikes of today have undergone drastic changes. They are a combination of carbon and titanium that gives them an extra level of standard as compared to the ordinary bikes. Moreover the prices are quite affordable that makes the road bikes a favorite of most bikers.

dimar kinetic one C780 darn lightweight road bike

Features Of Road Bikes

Some of the specific features of the road bikes are namely:

  • They have narrow tires that have rolling resistance power.
  • There are multiple gears.
  • The gears are either fixed or have single speed.
  • They are extremely comfortable and easy to ride.
  • The weight of the road bikes are made especially light for high speed riding.
  • They are best suited for people who love to travel a lot.
  • The seat is so well adjusted that a rider can sit in a relaxed position.
  • Road bikes are used as an exercise equipment also. 

Kinds Of Road Bikes

There are various kinds of road bikes available today like:

  • Touring Bikes: These are ideal for cycle tours and can carry heavy weight. They are strong and comfortable as well.
  • Hybrid Bikes: Hybrid bikes are wonderful combination of road bikes and mountain bikes. They offer the seating comfort and tough handlebars of the road bikes and extra speed to travel on trails and unpaved roads.
  • Mountain Bikes: Mountain bikes are another form of road bikes that are very sturdy and fit to travel on uneven roads like mountains and uneven terrains as they have shock-absorbing tires.

Besides these varieties of road bikes there are utility bikes, cruiser bikes and folding bikes.

Buying Guide

It is quite a difficult task nowadays to choose from such a great range of road bikes offered by the various manufacturers like Trek, Giant, Raleigh, Mongoose, Fuji Shimano, Klein, Yamaha, Rocky Mountain, Scott and others. It actually depends to a large extent on the budget and requirements of the riders. However before purchasing road bikes it is very important to note the following facts to ensure safety on the roads.

  • First, one should take the guidance of professional trainers and see that the diameters of the rims are large, have slim wheels and handlebars that are curved down. 
  • Secondly one should be aware of the correct sizing of the road bikes. They should be appropriate for the respective shape of the body for safe traveling and comfort. 
  • Thirdly it is important to know the measurements as it helps in selecting the correct road bikes. A professional coach can always help in this matter.

2014 windsor wellington 1.0 road bike

In recent years there has been redesigning of the pedals from Shimano and others. Great improvements in the Shimano 105 pedals have made it a favorite brand for many. The aluminum pedals make it more durable. The foot stance of this model is wider than other models. The cleats of the Shimano 105 pedals have a fixed configuration as well as with float.