When you decide to repaint premises, it can prove to be a mind boggling task especially if you are not aware of the effective paint remover products out there. There are a lot of effective paint remover products in the market and you need to be knowledgeable about them come the day that you need to go out to purchase one. Knowing them beforehand can also help you in determining which one would best suit your needs.

Some Known Paint Remover Products

  • Methylene Chloride

This is commonly referred to as ‘DCM’. It is one of the most effective paint remover products, as it is solvent based. It is known to work on both latex and alkyd paints. It passes through the outer layer and dissolves the bonds that are between the substrate and the primer. This causes the cracking and bubbling of the paint from underneath.

high performance paint remover

  • N- Methyl Pyrrolidone

This is normally abbreviated as ‘NMP‘. It makes up the natural type of removers, also referred to as biochemically safe paint removers. It is the safer alternative to the above types. It is found that this is more effective as compared to ATM, but it is weaker when compared to DCM.

  • Acetone, Toluene and Methanol Mixtures

This is also referred to as ATM mixtures. These are highly flammable and hydrophobic solvents that are made up of perfect lacquer and varnish softeners. They make it easy for the removal of paint with the use of scrapers or rags that have been soaked in mineral spirit. As compared to DCM, this requires several applications in order to completely dissolve the top layer of the paint completely. However, they are the best because they do not react with surfaces and are the least bit expensive.

heavy duty paint remover

  • Alkalis

It is the cheapest and the most effective paint remover. Lye is the active ingredient in these paint removers and is known to darken wood. It can burn the skin and it also softens the fiber of the wood. You can get it as a solution or a powder that you can mix from your home. It converts the oil component in paint to soap through a process known as saponification. This process allows easy wiping off of the layers of paint on a surface.

  • Dibasic Esters

They are commonly known by the collective abbreviation ‘DBEs’. It is known to be safer than NMP and is also the weakest of them all and also the slowest acting one.

When you decide to remove paint from the floor, you should consider using a floor scraper. To be on the safe side, you can get a scraper that has different heads. This way, you will not have a paint removal problem that you cannot fix. There are many models of scrapers, so, make sure that you get the best but at a reasonable price range.

Remember to always get the effective paint remover products coupled with a good scraper for your floors. This will most definitely give a worthwhile painting experience. This will be very convenient for you where you do not have to struggle doing it.