Fish oil dosage is the recommended amount that one is supposed to consume if they are using fish oil. Fish oil is extracted from the tissues of oily fish. Some fish contain high levels of fatty acids in the body that make their consumption to be regulated. The high levels of dioxin and mercury toxins in fish oil are what make fish oil consumption dangerous.

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Dosage of Fish Oil for Adults

Fish oil dosage for adults helps in treating heart diseases, depression, cancer, anxiety, muscular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, mental health among other conditions. The right fish oil dosage is connected with the weight of an individual. The dosage for adults is high compared to that of children due to various factors such as metabolism of the body.

Children’s Fish Oil Dosage

The appropriate fish oil dosage for children depends on their age, health status and how much fish products the child eats on a daily basis. Fish oil supplements in low dosage are safe for children. Fish oil dosage for children is not the same as the fish oil dosage for adults. If the child has a medical condition you should consult a pediatrician in order to know the fish oil dosage you are to administer.

How Important is a Proper Dosage

What is the importance of using proper fish oil dosage?

  • Fish oil dosage weight loss contains a component that turns on the lypolityc genes of the body, which are responsible for the burning of fats. They become activated to increase their consumption of fat stores from the body leading to weight loss.
  • The DHA compound in fish oil has been identified to reduce inflammatory diseases such as coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, heart attack, diabetes and stroke. This component has a protective effect against most of these diseases.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties EPA is another compound in fish oil that has a great anti inflammatory effect on the tissues of the body after an intense exercise.
  • Pain management– It has been found out that while fish oil reduces the inflammation, it also reduces pro inflammatory fats out of the cell membranes leaving an additive effect. That is why when people take more Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids; there is significant increase in pain.
  • Stress fighter– The correct fish oil dosage provides sufficient amount of fatty acids that inhibit adrenal stimulation of steroids and other chemicals produced by the body as a result of stress. Therefore fish oil reduces the amount of stress hormones that is produced in the body.

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Heart Health Supplement

There are many fish oil supplements in the market today one of them being the Spring Valley fish oil, which is normally advertised as a heart health supplement. You can get is at Wal-Mart stores and also online at great discounts. Spring Valley fish oil offers a wide variety of fish oil products allowing their customers to choose the best fish product for their needs.

Fish oil is very nutritious as it contains fatty acids such as omega-3, and, therefore, you should often take fish oil but in right amounts.