Computers have made business card designing and printing a lot easier than it was a couple of decades ago. There are several business cards printing websites these days which also offer guidance on how to design business cards depending upon the nature of the business. Designing a business card is important, now that there are more effective alternatives to business cards.

Drawbacks of Conventional Business Cards

  • People either leave the business cards in different drawers, or keep them all in one place.
  • Searching for one business card from many cards is time consuming, especially when faster search options are around.
  • The rewards for spending time for searching the business card are inadequate because not much information is available on these cards.
  • For more information, the person may have to visit the website of the business, or call up the numbers on the card. Thus, conventional business cards are only as useful as yellow pages.

craetive business card alternatives

Alternatives to Conventional Business Cards

The list of effective alternatives to business cards includes brochures, coasters, social networking sites, “iPhone apps”, resource cards, USB drives, and other innovative ideas such as using the business materials for making the cards.

Some of these effective alternatives to business cards may essentially be marketing tools, while others may also have an additional function. Here’s a brief overview on them:

  • Brochures: These often include information about discount offers, or other complimentary services, luring the person to visit the shop.
  • Social networking sites: These sites, like “Facebook” and “Twitter” are also effective in targeting market options.
  • IPhone Apps: For instantaneous access to several people in different locations, “iPhone apps” are ideal marketing tools.
  • Company Goods and Services: Some business enterprises, such as plywood merchants use their materials for printing their contact details, effectively giving such business cards a distinct identity amongst the scores of business cards.
  • Resource cards: These are quite similar to business cards. However, these are effective alternatives to business cards because important information is available on the reverse of these cards. This forces the receiver to keep these cards carefully, and use them regularly.
  • Branding USB drives: These serve as a reminder of the business in a manner similar to coasters.
  • Coasters: Those with attractive designs and materials serve a function, so the contact number of the business using them for marketing is not difficult to trace. Moreover, even the visitors may notice the name of the company on the coasters. People use coasters for a long time, so the business enterprise giving coasters with its contact details would remain in mind for a long time.

Drawbacks of Alternatives for Business Cards

Such effective alternatives to business cards also have drawbacks.

  • Brochures are voluminous, social networking sites require access to Internet. The same goes for “iPhone apps“.
  • USB drives are essential only for transporting information from one system to another.
  • These days, people come in contact with others on flights and other premises that ban the usage of cell phones and internet. This is the area still wide open for business cards.

super capacity plastic business card

Trends in business cards designs

To compete with effective alternatives to business cards, printers have come up with compelling business card design ideas. The object of using such business card design ideas is to improve the visibility of the business cards, and make a lasting impression. Example of such a card would be dental impressions on the card for a dental care business. Some companies combine gift cards with their business cards. There are confectioners who offer chocolates with wrappers serving as their business cards.

One of the most interesting business cards is that of Airborne Express and Logistics. This card is, in fact, a tiny envelope. The words “No delivery too small” say it all. Some businesses creatively add their location map on their business cards. Others may use a catching phrase, which cannot be forgotten.