DIY purses are more artistic and unique compared to ready-made purses. These purses are not different from regular purses since they are still used to keep items safely and in an organized way. They can be freely designed with any fabric, color or size depending on the creator’s preference. Size can vary from big ones to small ones. If you create small DIY purses, they are cute and are very portable. They are actually very easy to make. You can make these purses at home, especially during your free time. Making DIY purses at home is not only cheap but also enables you to design a useful purse for personal use or as a gift for loved ones.

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Materials Needed

Before you start making your DIY purses, here are some of the most important items that you need.

  • Canvas
  • Dryer
  • Needle and thread
  • Measuring Cup
  • Wooden or plastic spoon
  • Scissors and marker pen
  • White Vinegar
  • 1 Bottle of Brown Liquid Fabric Dye

Steps in Making DIY Purses

After ensuring that you have all the requirements, you can start making your own DIY purses by following these steps.

  • Pour the liquid fabric dye inside a one-gallon bucket and then add ½ a cup of white vinegar. After that, fill up the rest of the bucket with hot water and then stir the liquid by the use of a long plastic or wooden spoon.
  • Immerse the canvas material inside the bucket and ensure that it is fully covered with the hot liquid mixture and allow it to settle for at least 30 minutes.
  • Remove the canvas material from the bucket and wash it with warm water. Let it dry for about 20 minutes.
  • Lay the canvas material on a flat surface, preferably on an ironing board and iron it well.
  • Mark the desired dimensions with a marker pen. If you want an owl purse, then create a pattern similar to an owl.
  • After that, cut the piece of canvas by following the created dimensions.
  • Using your needle and thread, sew the canvas material according to the way you would like your purse to be. You can either use a string, metal, wood or plastic to make the handle. For owl purses, embellishments are needed like buttons to serve as the owl’s eyes.

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Aside from owl purses, there are many new designs for DIY purses today. You can browse the internet for designs that you want to work on. They are very affordable to make and durable too. Creating your own purse not only shows your creativity and skills in making one but also your thoughtfulness, most especially if these purses are made to be given as gifts.