Before you begin picking out or designing your own easter baskets for boys, let’s find out what Easter is all about!

Origins of Easter

Non-Christian Roots

Eostre was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility. The Eostre festival lasted the month of April, during the vernal equinox.

  • Baskets of early seedlings were brought to be blessed and to hopefully improve the chance of a good harvest.

  • Tradition portrays the fertility goddess Eostre carrying a basket of eggs.

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Christian Roots

More than just today’s giving of easter baskets for boys and girls, Christians started celebrating Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated after the 46 days of Lent.

  • Lent is a time where Christians are expected to observe a form of fasting where they give up dairy, eggs and meat.

  • People would also give up vices like eating candy or treats.

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  • Traditionally when Lent was over, families would pack huge baskets with all the treats they have given up during Lent and a huge feast would take place at the village church.

  • Priests would bless the baskets and thus the food would be blessed by God.

Easter Activities

During Easter, many activities are done and events celebrated to commemmorate this feast. Aside from giving easter baskets for boys and girls; people celebrate it in different ways and eagerly participate in it, especially the kids. To get acquainted with the different activities, here is an overview of different events and things done during Easter.

Easter egg decorating: This is one of the most fun activities and one of the oldest to celebrate Easter. Easter egg decorating kits can be simple die packets or more elaborate kits to decorate hollow eggs. Decorated eggs are used in Easter Baskets for Boys.

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Easter egg hunt: This activity involves taking dyed eggs and hiding them outside for children to find. The plastic egg is used to hide candy, coins and small toys in.

  • The Easter Bunny hides Easter baskets for Boys and Girls the night before Easter Sunday and in the morning children hunt for their Easter baskets which are filled with candy, eggs, toys and games.

Easter Egg Roll Game: Children love games to celebrate. The Easter egg roll game symbolizes the stone being rolled away from the tomb of Jesus Christ during his resurrection.

Easter Sunday Worship: Many families attend Easter Sunday worship services, even if they don’t attend church the rest of the year.

  • Easter services are more important to Christians than Christmas.

  • Easter services celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the salvation of all those souls who follow him.

Easter Feast: It is tradition to celebrate Easter with a family or community feast. Treats that were given up for Lent are often on the menu. Also, easter baskets for boys are being given during these event.

What to Put in Easter Baskets for Boys and Girls

In case you are wondering what you should put in in Easter baskets, then here are some awesome ideas to make the basket more rewarding!

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  • Easter baskets for Boys can be filled with the usual candies, but you can use plastic eggs that are camouflaged or in boy-appropriate colors or themes. Add small cars, trucks, boats, dinosaurs or army men for personalized easter baskets for boys.

  • Easter baskets for babies can include pacifiers, plush toys, teething rings, bath toys, socks, bonnets and baby appropriate treats.

  • Easter Baskets for Men should include his favorite candy or treats, cologne, body spray, silk tie or handkerchief and hand-written coupons for special favors like a massage.

Although it can be a challenge to create manly Easter Baskets for Boys, the look on their face Easter morning will be well worth it. So, get your baskets and have a happy Easter!