Driving drunk is an offence or crime and there are very strong reasons behind it. Drunk driving facts are baffling to say the least. Everyone knows the possible consequences of drunk driving and yet most tend to act oblivious to the dangers. If you look through drunk driving information, you will see that the statistics of last year are scary. 30% of the road accidents were due to drunken driving. Whether you are the drunken driver or you are in the passenger seat with someone else driving drunk, you are in severe trouble because the risks of harm are very high.

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Drunk driving facts suggest that overall, more than 40% road deaths are directly due to rash driving while under the influence of alcohol. The current drunk driving facts are even more shocking. During 2010, stats reveal that one person is killed in America every 45 seconds due to this. As a matter of fact, these stats only reveal the number of deaths and not the serious injuries caused while someone was driving under the influence of alcohol. Third degree skin burns, loss of limbs, loss of mobility and others also are common results of drunken driving which are still unaccounted here.

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One of the interesting facts about drunk driving and very unfortunate is that most of these accidents and deaths occur during the weekends since events that involve drinking alcohol peaks on these days. Holiday season is again a crucial time where the number of cases of drunk driving increases exponentially at a very fast rate. The drunk driving facts here are of course that they are directly proportional to each other. It seems like facts are pointing to festivities and celebrations that causes most drivers to be driving drunk.

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Most of the drunk driving facts today are actually related to teenagers. Teenagers today are extremely fast and barely heed anybody. As hard as it is to believe the teenage drunk driving facts, it is true that most of the drunk driving accidents indeed involve teenagers. Teens are subjected to peer pressure, the feeling of cockiness, desired to be accepted and look cool which makes them very susceptible to making rash and foolish decisions. Whatever the reason may be, these drunk driving facts are indeed scary.

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Today, a number of various groups are coming forward in order to stop these accidents or at least minimize their number. There are many such groups such as the DUI Hope, Students Against Drunk Driving, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Smart and Sober and others. These groups are doing their job well and promoting safe drinking and driving habits but irresponsibility does not go easily. There are many who continue to do what they want to and are thus subjected to severe consequences.

There are alcohol rehabilitation centers, there are many different groups against drunken driving and there are also strict rules against driving under the influence of alcohol. Yet the gruesome drunk driving facts remain unaltered.