Drunk driving is not allowed in most countries. Aside from the fact that it is dangerous to drive under the influence of alcohol, it’s also against the law. Numerous drunk driving articles have written many facts and statistics regarding drinking and driving at the same time. They have stated that more than 30% of drivers that got into accidents last year were drunk. In addition, about 40% of the cause of deaths of drivers and passengers of vehicles which got into accident are related to drunk driving, as of this year.

Do you know how alcohol can cause you to get into accidents? Alcohol is a liquid substance and it does not need to be digested by the stomach to be converted into simpler forms. It is easily absorbed than any other food. Because of this it can quickly get into the blood stream and reach your brain. Hence, affecting one’s consciousness and decreasing the ability to control one’s actions when too much intoxicated. Their ability to moderate speed and ability to identify distance is lessened, as stated in recent drunk driving articles.

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All drunk driving articles have similar gathered information. However, they also have differences regarding age, and point of focus regarding drunk driving. Some reports are focused on teenagers. Teenage drunk driving articles said that teens have the most number of populations which are involved in drunk driving. The youth is very well known as very curious about things, who likes to get themselves in several risky activities. They are not fully aware of the consequences of their actions. This explains the reason behind the increasing number of teenage drunk driving.

According to some drunk driving articles, one factor also that involves teenagers in drunk driving is the access of these ages to alcoholic drinks, which in fact is prohibited unless they have adults with them. Therefore, if this cause will be solved, then the rate of teenage drunk driving will be somehow decreased.

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Drunk driving articles have also included consequences of driving while intoxicated. The drivers are said to be not the only one who will affected by their own actions but also the possible victims that might also be involved such as another car driver or an innocent person walking on the sidewalks. They will need to cover for the medical payments for the injuries of these victims apart from their own. This driver will also face a legal case from violating the law.

There are also newspaper articles on drunk driving which said that there are existing groups who are promoting safe driving practices to work against these drunk driving matters. You do not actually need to experience an accident and be visited by a member of these groups to lecture you. You can start waking yourself up.