In the old days, drink driving penalties would not stop most young people from doing it. When we are young, we tend to do reckless and irresponsible things. That is quite understandable and truth be said, youth is a time in our life where we can afford to do stupid things. However, kids nowadays, need to know the difference between doing stupid things and doing dangerous things, or even doing a combination of both. Pulling little pranks, getting drunk at parties, or getting into fist fights every now and then, are the stupid things that teenagers usually do. On the other hand, drinking while driving is both stupid and dangerous, and doing so might lead to drink driving penalties, or worst fatalities, not just to the drivers but even to pedestrians.

Drink Driving Law and Penalties

Drink driving penalties today, however, is designed to be stricter than the penalties and guidelines imposed in the old days. This is largely due to the fact, that there are hundreds of people who were killed due to drunk driving related accidents. This is also the reason why, the most effective way to cut down those numbers, especially for those people who do not realize that drunk driving kills, is to improve these drink driving penalties act. In doing so, people will not be able to squeeze their way through conviction or underestimate the law anymore.

This move to strengthen drink driving penalties needs to be done as soon as possible, as casualties are increasing by the moment because of these kinds of accidents every year. Moreover, a good percentage of these casualties are made from children to teenagers.
So, what are the penalties for drink driving? Well, the slammer is always available for any kind of law offender and drinking under influence of alcohol offenders is not excluded.

drink driving penalties and guidelines act

Aside from the maximum 6 months of jail time as one of the drink driving penalties first offence convicts, a fine of $1000 to $1600 would also be added as a penalty. Keep in mind that in addition to those drink driving penalties, the offender will also be charged on the expenses, which their penalties might have cost the state, such as the installment of the ignition interlock device, repair of road signs and infrastructures, or more.

The ignition interlock device is one of the newly implemented drink driving penalties available in California recently. This device works by preventing you to ignite your car before confirming your blood alcohol concentration level by breathing into it, before you start your car. The device keeps all the logs and any attempt of tampering with it would get you into more trouble with the law and might get your driver’s license revoked.