Fragrance is a must-have for every woman’s beauty loot. Fragrance or perfume is a solution that can increase one’s pheromone smile. Everyone is very curious about what pheromones are all about, since it can attract male towards female and vice versa. So, if you want fragrances that is sure to bring the best of your pheromones, then trust on DKNY online shop to give you the best scents that will surely last you for a day or more.

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In ancient period, perfume has been used as sources of magical power, because it has the power to redefine things. It even allows one to enter into a fantasy world of anybody, be it creatures or human beings of any sex.

Nowadays, fragrances have lost their so-called magical abilities that can teleport one to many places. There are many perfume brands that boasts of inducing magical feelings to those who use them, rob the consumers of precious bucks only to leave them with mediocre fragrances. But with DKNY online shop, that will definitely not happen.

DKNY is one brand can change your mind about perfumes and make you experience what topnotch quality fragrances is all about. Their DKNY online store features different DKNY fragrances, like Be Delicious Women and Men, which were first launched in market way back in the year of 2004. DKNY fragrances did not take a long time to become a hit brand of fragrances in the world. Donna Karan was successful in her collaboration with Maurice Roucel, in coming up with a line of fragrances that are bound to make the women happy and attractive.

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There are some products in the DKNY online shop and their international prices are given below:

1. Golden delicious 3.4 oz : $ 75.00
2. Golden delicious 1.7 oz :  $ 60.00
3. Golden delicious 1.0 oz :  $ 42.00
4. puryDKNY verbena 3.4 oz : $ 85.00
5. puryDKNY verbena 1.0 oz :  $ 45.00
6. puryDKNY 1.7 oz : $ 65.00
7. puryDKNY 1.0 oz : $ 45.00
8. DKNY women Original EDT 3.4 oz : $ 62.00
9. DKNY women Original EDT 1.0 oz : $ 36.00
10. Be Delicious 3.4 oz : $75.00
11. Be Delicious 1.7 oz:  $ 60.00
12. Be Delicious fresh Blossom juiced 1.7oz  : -$ 52.00

DKNY online shop offers all these and more. Therefore, if you want to have some great fragrances, then do so by doing some DKNY online shopping. Shopping for perfumes has never been so easy, that you can do it right in your very own desk. So, check out their DKNY online outlet and land on that great perfume that is sure to be a staple in your wardrobe.