DIY shirt designing is one of the most exciting experiences because you can design your shirt the way you wish. Good styles are found when one designs according to their taste and according to their body shapes. A self-made shirt will always look better on you than a ready-made one because you get to choose the color, design, size and even style of the shirt. This is a common trend especially for the young people because it is one way to portray your personality. Designer clothes have a kind of personal touch that makes them unique and magical.

 DIY shirt designing is especially common on t-shirts. Graphic tee is everywhere and everyone wants to have their own images and words put out and designed the way people will read them everywhere they go. Never mind that some of these are very vulgar words and some even offensive. If one wants to do this at home for themselves, there are several things they will require.

do it yourself shirt design

Materials for DIY Tees

Materials needed for DIY shirt designing:

  • A computer with Adobe Photoshop application
  • Craft blades
  • Plywood pieces
  • Masking tape
  • Thin acetate sheet
  • Painter rollers (small ones)
  • Iron and parchment paper
  • A t-shirt preferably in bright colors

The Procedure of DIY shirt designing:

  • Developing the stencil
  • Look for the image you want and then import it into Photoshop
  • Create a duplicate layer and then remove the background coloring
  • Change the image into the black and white color scheme
  • On the application, go to filter, then blur, then Gaussian blur and apply.
  • Take the paintbrush in tools to join all the black parts so that no part will be left out in printing
  • Print out the image on paper
  • Carefully place the acetate paper on top of the image you have just printed and then hold in place with the masking tape
  • Cut out the black parts of the image so that you remain with the definite shape. Do this using the blades. One has to be extra careful and take time to cut out a good image.
  • Lay out the shirt to be printed, place the stencil on it and then cover the other parts with old newspapers to prevent them from being stained by the paint.
  • Mix your ink and fill the roller with ink.
  • From the outside of the stencil paper, paint out the shirt and then carefully remove the paper and also the newspapers. Your image is now done.
  • Leave the shirt to dry and then iron it to stick in the paint

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Designing the Shirt

There are plenty of other styles that you can use to design lovely shirts and one of these is embroidery. However, screen printing is the most common and it takes a lot less time when you are used to it than embroidery.DIY shirt designing is fun and it can be learned by anyone.