You want bright, aromatic, and decorative candles for your home. They usher in a sense of warmth, life, and ambiance to your home. Guests enjoy visiting a lovely-scented home and you enjoy a pleasant aroma at your house. So, it’s time to decorate your home with more candles. They aren’t just about smelling pretty; they are an interior design necessity.

homemade ornamental candles

Types of Decorative Candles

The candle industry is quite the profitable and crowded marketplace. From do-it-yourself candle makers at home to large companies such as the Tyler candle company, there are many choices available.

  • Decorative pillar candles – These are multi-colored and shaped in the form of a pillar. These are often large decorative candles good for standing alone or in groups of other candles (away from fire hazards).
  • Decorative Christmas candles – A holiday favorite, these types of candles typically carry a balsam or spice scent. They are green, red, and/or white and some come with snowflake designs. You can find collections of classic Christmas movie characters or cartoons on them.
  • Votive candles – Small candles, only a couple inches tall which fit well into shot glass-sized containers for wax collection and protection.
  • Floating candlesPerfect for the water feature in your home or outdoors in a whiskey barrel fountain.
  • Dinner candles – These are the cylindrically-shaped candles which taper at the top. They are on a fixed stand and are often used at the dinner table.
  • Flameless candles – A novelty candle. These do not use flames or wax, they simply look like regular candles. The flame is replaced by LED. These are used in some apartment homes, hotel rooms or corporate offices where open flames are discouraged.

Benefits of Decorative Candles

The benefits of decorative candles are endless. They can:

  • add bright color to a room
  • introduce new design lines to the room
  • create intimate gathering spaces
  • prompt conversation and interaction

Feel free to use your imagination when decorating with these candles. It is surprising how simple things when arranged carefully can give more life to a room. You don’t need to be an interior decorating expert to come up with great arrangements. It only takes patience and a handful of trial and errors where you learn at the same time in the process.

hand crafted decorative candle

Techniques Used in Decorative Candles

Some of the techniques used are paraffin wax or soy in terms of producing these candles. Handcrafters at home will often make their own candles as well. They use techniques such as the whipped wax technique which can help make cupcake candles. Candle molds are used as a technique and wax crystals make candle making fun and safe for kids as no wax melting is needed.