Ever stare at your mantelpiece in the living room or den and wonder where to hang your holiday stockings? Stocking holders for Christmas decoration are a wonderful accent to liven up your mantelpiece and offer fantastic function as well.

They come in a variety of styles and colors but the choice is up to you. Feel free to mix and match the different designs or use one seamless theme throughout your home.

resourceful polka dot stocking holder

Types Available

Many stocking holders for Christmas take on figurine shapes. They also come in classic winter time phrases such as Let It Snow and other popular Christmas terms.

  • Reindeer – These stocking holder figurines sit well on top of your fireplace. They can come in copper or antique finishes and the hanging hooks make displaying your personalized stocking set a breeze.
  • Santa ClausFor those who believe, or have children who believe, Santa Claus stocking holders are another great type of holder for the holidays.
  • Snowmen and Snowflakes – Everyone’s favorite Frosty the Snowman makes a cheerful and friendly stocking holder. You can’t help but smile when seeing Frosty’s smiling face. You also can’t resist the happiness of a large snowflake with a hanger holding your stockings.
  • Phrases and words – Let It Snow, Rudolph, and other Christmas holiday terms come as stand-up mantelpiece accents. With the hangers available for displaying your stocking holders you can’t go wrong with a phrase-type of holder.
  • Nativity – This is for the religious homeowners. They enjoy using Jesus in the Manger with the Three Wise Men as part of their decoration. You can find Nativity scene stocking holders for Christmas on the market today.

Pine cones and gold accents are also big on the design scene. The cones are often used to decorate wreaths with hot glue but seeing one on the mantel helping to hold your stockings is a nice holiday accent.

Decorating Tips

Depending on your interior design theme, you’ll want to be selective about your stocking holders for Christmas. If you’re hanging a personalized stocking, then make sure the different textures and colors of the holder complement the stocking colors. Select durable materials if you will be showcasing these holders in a high traffic area subject to bumping or falling. This will also ensure you get the most out of the life of your stocking holders for Christmas. Consider how heavy your personalized stocking set can become over the holiday. If it becomes overbearing you can damage an inferior stocking holder.

artistic tall metal christmas stocking hodel stand

Stocking holders for Christmas have brought more Christmas spirit to every family during the holiday seasons. Therefore it is best to plan ahead of time so that everything looks perfect on the night of the most celebrated holiday of the year – Christmas.