Wooden dowels are solid cylindrical and small rods that are made of, well… wood. In its initial form they are called as dowel rods, which are then cut into shorter lengths that are referred to as dowel pins. They have various applications that include toy axles, gymnastic grip detents, cabinet structural reinforcements and tiered cake supports.

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Uses Of Wooden Dowels

Other uses include the following:

  • Shelf support for furniture
  • Moveable game pieces
  • Hanging supports for key rings, toilet paper dispenser, picture frames, clothing and tools
  • Core for wrapping textiles or cable

Although they are not usually seen, threaded wooden dowels and other types of wood dowels have great impact in our daily lives. They can be present somewhere, from the house you are living in to the chair you are sitting on. Wooden dowels might be tiny and unappreciated but they are not insignificant.

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How Wooden Dowels Are Made

In general, dowels that are made out of wood are shaped on special dowel machines, although in the past, they are most probably manufactured by hand. Modern dowel machines utilized cutting heads of varying dimensions, which are interchangeable, to produce minuscule to large wooden dowels. Each type may differ in shape and diameter.

  • Basically, an industrial dowel machine for manufacturing wood dowels has a hollow clamp or chuck that have cutting knives angled into the machine.
  • The material is passed through the machine, which then cut it into shape.
  • The inward facing knives can turn an unassuming and simple wood into a vital and versatile tool at a very fast rate.
  • Usually, the wood dowel machine is incorporated with an open end. Lengthy material guides are situated on both the entry and exit points of the machine, which allow a long and continuous dowel rod to be created.
  • This is then cut into desired lengths.

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However, this is not the only process that is followed in making wooden dowels for crafts and other applications. Other manufacturers turn out high volume of dowels through a wood shaper. This process creates numerous dowels from one piece of wood through the use of a couple of revolving cutting heads. These create dowels side by side at the same time. The parallel rods are then cut into the required pieces.

Aside from their basic benefits, wooden dowels are also used by specialized woodworkers and builders. These artisans pride themselves on making all wood constructions, even in this modern era. They make anything from cabinets to wood furniture to cottages and log cabins by using nothing except wood. As opposed to what others believe, although their method of working on wood is in fact homage to the proud tradition of woodworking throughout history, this manner of joining materials is simple but effective. In fact, it can be considerably more effective than screws and nails.

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Thus, wooden dowels are really small things, which prevent the world from falling apart, and that is not an exaggeration. Many of the items that people use each day depend on these tiny dowels to keep themselves together.